Best Soundbar Under $1000 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Soundbar Under 1000!

Have you been searching for a new soundbar for yourself or as a gift for your best friend?

Whatever your reason is, we have made this best soundbars under 1000 to give you the best options that are available on the market.

As you are investing some amount in your soundbar, it’s best to find out which one will best suit you and give optimum results, isn’t it?

The best soundbars under 1000 will provide you with great features, and it also comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

Factors Researching Soundbars Under $1000

First of all, We made a worldwide survey to know which soundbar best seller is available in the market.

The best-selling soundbar list was made after reviewing best seller products on amazon and bestseller lists of other e-commerce sites like Walmart, BestBuy, Target, etc…So you can easily find the best soundbar under $1000 on our website.

The mainly focused factors are,

  • Price
  • Audio Performance
  • User Reviews
  • Extra’s Like Bluetooth technology, Wireless Subwoofer, Dolby Surround Sound Technology, and many more things.

During our research phase, we always focus on the above factors so that the best product is delivered to you.

Do you want to get the soundbar below the $1000? Here is the best soundbar under $500 or $200.

So, stick with us and grab the best Soundbar today!…

Top Pick

Sony Z9F 3.1ch Soundbar

Best Soundbar Under $1000 by

Budget Pick

Bose Smart Soundbar 700


Value to Money

SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q800A


3 Best Soundbar Under $1000

1. Sony Z9F 3.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer

Best Soundbar Under $1000 by



Main Features/ Technical Specifications:

  • wireless connectivity: Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi
  • Speaker Type: Sound bar
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model Name: Sony Z9F
  • Recommended Uses For Product: For Televisions
  • Bluetooth Version: version 4.2
  • Dolby Atmos: Yes

The Sony Z9F 3.1 sound bar is best suited for all homes at the best price.

This best surround sound speaker system will surely enhance your movie watching and TV speaker and viewing experience to the next level. 

The best thing about this best soundbar under 1000$ is that it has a wireless subwoofer which you can place anywhere in the entire room.

Sony Soundbar may not look like an amazing sound bar but actually, it is equipped with all the features that you can expect from a 3.1ch sound bar including advanced digital sound processing.

Why Choose This

  • If you are looking for a soundbar that is completely packed with features and can be operated easily, then Sony Z9F should be your first choice.
  • Wireless subwoofer which can be placed anywhere in the room to enjoy a powerful punchy bass.
  • Compatible with Alexa voice control system which makes it easier to connect and operate.
  • Designed For: TV Soundbars, Home Theater soundbar Systems, Wireless Surround Speakers

Main Structure

The structure and design of Sony Z9F 3.1 are best suited for TV watching and entertainment. The speaker box of Sony Z9F comes with dense MDF material which can easily resist the external vibrations from your TV.

Talking about the shape of the sound bar, it is the most simple design that you can see from the soundbars. The length and height of the Sony Z9F is about 39.3 inches and 2.5 inches respectively which are slightly smaller than other soundbars having the same features as Z9F.

Z9F has three speakers in the sound bar box and an advanced wireless subwoofer with a separate body design than Z9F.

On the back of the sony Z9F sound bar, you will find many ports and connectors for easy connectivity. You can also take help from the user manual to understand and connect all the wires correctly.


The connectivity technology offered by this dolby atmos soundbar soundbar is best suited for today’s modern home theatres or TV entertainment systems. 

Setting up this best 3.1ch soundbar under $1000 was so easy for us because all we need to do is to place its wireless subwoofer near the TV and connect it with the soundbar via Bluetooth.

However, you can also opt for wired connectivity in case if there is no Bluetooth option available on your TV.

You will get 4K HDMI inputs cable ports that let you connect to your TV with a single cable. You can also connect the sony Z9F 3.1ch soundbar directly to your TV using the optical, coaxial, and RCA cables.

Sound Quality

The best sound quality of Sony Z9F 3.1ch is extremely good and best among its competitors in this price range. The soundbar box houses three speakers which are loaded with the latest digital sound processing technology to enhance voice clarity and bass.

The subwoofer is also loaded with the same advanced digital sound processing technology to provide you a magnetic, bold, and deep bass effect.

You will get 5 virtual surround modes that can be easily selected with a single click.

The five modes include normal surround mode, and some dedicated modes to enjoy movie dialogues in the best way possible.

The surround mode can be selected from the front, rear, and all-around (surround 360) modes.

Sony Z9F has Dolby Atmos technology inbuilt which transforms the audio from any TV, movie, or music to an immersive experience.




Sony Z9F has the best features than other best surround sound audio  speaker systems. But according to another best review, the bass is not as powerful as it should be. It’s the best budget option for the best home theater system experience.

2. Bose Smart Soundbar 700: Premium Bluetooth Soundbar

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Main Features/ Technical Specifications:

  1. Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  2. Speaker Type: Surround
  3. Brand: Bose
  4. Model Name: Soundbar 700
  5. Recommended Uses For Product: For Surround Sound Systems, For Televisions

Bose soundbar 700 smart claims to be one of the world’s best soundbars with exceptional features that can be controlled using Alexa voice commands. It is one of the best soundbars under $1000 you can buy.

The unique feature here is the Bose soundbar 700 comes with a dedicated Amazon Alexa voice control system which means you don’t need to use or purchase any other device for controlling this product.

When the soundbar is connected with your TV, you can utilize any of the Alexa commands to control and operate the Bose smart soundbar.

Why Choose This?

  • Bose 700 smart soundbar is packed with amazing features and delivers better audio than many other best TV soundbars in the market.
  • Supports high-resolution audio which means you can watch movies and listen to music with higher audio quality.
  • The build quality is great and the design is elegant.
  • The product also connects to Alexa voice commands which makes it easier for you to operate the soundbar.
  • Designed For: Soundbars, Home Theater Systems, Wireless Surround Speakers.

The picture quality provided by a streaming device with a 4K quality was mesmerizing and the sound levels were louder than your expectation.

Bose Smart Soundbar can be connected with any TV as it has external inputs that let you connect with any audio device easily.

The Bose 700 soundbar is made of high-quality material and yet it weighs only 8 pounds, hence lightweight in nature.

Main Structure

Bose smart soundbar 700 has a glossy piano black material finish on the soundbar and sleek, poster frame-style design.

The speaker box is cylindrical in structure which contains a woofer that is responsible for generating bass and a subwoofer dedicated to producing low-frequency sounds.

Finally, there is one tweeter located at the front center of the soundbar box that produces high-frequency sounds with clarity and perfection.

The Bose 700 Soundbar Bluetooth connectivity makes speaker is equipped with simple control buttons located on the top side of the device for switching between different audio sources and adjusting the volume level as per your comfort.


Setting up the Bose 700 soundbar was one of the easiest setups you can ever do. All we had to do is just follow the instructions and in just a matter of minutes, we are done setting it up. We were able to connect it with our TV within few minutes without any issues whatsoever with bose music app.

You can also connect the Bose 700 smart soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth which will enable you to listen to play music or different sounds sources using Alexa voice commands.

You can also use an optical cable connection to connect your Bose 700 soundbar with TV and other audio devices through bose music app.

Sound Quality

The product is designed to deliver crystal clear fantastic sound at any volume range. The product also features an acoustic design that is aimed at delivering immersive sound with a wider soundstage.

Bose 700 compact soundbar is the best soundbar for watching movies or listening to music on TV. 

The sound system offered by Bose is capable of delivering a stereo audio output that can be customized using your TV remote control. This makes it easier for you to set up the audio settings according to your needs.




Bose 700 smart soundbar is one of the best soundbars with amazing features. It’s designed to produce an amazing surround sound experience and clear dialogue delivery without any distortion on both high and low frequencies, especially the bose bass module notes that are delivered by the subwoofer with great depth.

3. SAMSUNG 3.1.2ch Q800A Q Series Soundbar

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Main Features/ Technical Specifications:

  • Connectivity Technology: Alexa Built-In Voice Assistant, AirPlay 2, Wireless Connection, Bluetooth TV Connection, HDMI Cable eARC
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Brand: SAMSUNG Model
  • Name: HW-Q800A/ZA
  • Recommended Uses For Product: For Televisions

Samsung Q800 is the latest soundbar speaker which aids you to enjoy a virtual experience in any room of your home. The product comes with built-in Dolby Atmos and DTS virtual : X technologies which provide the best surround sound effect without any extra wires or components needed.

The Q800 is very simple to set up, and it uses Bluetooth connectivity for streaming movies from various devices such as Blu-ray players, TV, etc.

Moreover, it has two wireless subwoofers that aid you to create a solid foundation for bass within your room.

The soundbar also comes with Alexa access thanks to the integration of Amazon’s intelligent voice assistance technology called “Alexa”. You can command Alexa by using either your voice or through the included remote control. The remote also features a built-in microphone to aid you in communicating with Alexa.

Main Structure

The build quality and material used in Samsung Q800  are premia, and they make it durable. Its sleek design makes it look very attractive in any room of your home.

The soundbar is designed with a rich aluminum housing along with metallic materials. This gives the speaker a solid construction throughout its body which is beneficial for reducing resonance and other distortion issues. The subwoofer features an Acoustic Suspension technology design, making it more powerful and efficient than similarly priced speakers available on the market today.


This product is very easy to set up without any wires or extra components needed, and its compatibility makes it fit into any home setup without any complications.

The Samsung soundbar has four HDMI ports along with an optical audio port for connecting different devices such as Blu-ray players, TVs, etc.

Moreover, this speaker bar supports Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio music wirelessly from your mobile devices and also features four HDMI connectivity ports along with two USB ports and also comes with two USB ports which are very handy for charging your mobile devices.

The product supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream audio from your mobile devices wirelessly.

There is also an Ethernet port present in the soundbar in case you want to connect it directly with your router using a network cable. Furthermore, there is no need of any separate external wireless subwoofer or rear speaker while installing this system as this comes with two wireless active subwoofers that can be placed anywhere within the room and give you a multi room music.

The remote has all the basic buttons available such as volume control, power on/off button, source selection and play-pause button etc., along with a microphone for enabling voice commands to be executed by Alexa.

Moreover, it comes with Amazon’s intelligent voice assistance technology named “Alexa”, making it more useful for enjoying music by using voice commands from anywhere within the room. 

Sound Quality

The samsung soundbar is capable of delivering an immersive listening experience by making use of the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X technologies with an adaptive sound.

Both these technologies deliver a cinematic amazing sound quality without any wires or extra components at your home. The audio streaming is also impressive because you can stream from various devices like TV, Blu-ray player, etc. additionally it allows you to control the devices using the built-in infrared wireless remote which comes with voice control along with Alexa technology support.

Moreover, it has two separate external subwoofer that aid in producing a strong bass response while playing content such as movies and music which makes this speaker bar suitable for media rooms, large rooms, and living rooms at your home.




After comprehensive research, we have concluded that Samsung Q800 is the best soundbar available in the market.

It has a beautiful design along with the highest quality material build which supports it to provide an immersive surround sound experience with the help of its Dolby Atmos and DTS: X technologies.


After reviewing all the above soundbars for under $1000, I hope my research has been helpful to you.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding which one will be the best among all these ten soundbars, by leaving your comments below!


Q. Is A Soundbar Worth Money?

Soundbars provide quality sound and have a sleek design, making it worth your money. Moreover, they provide ease of installation because you don’t need to buy an additional external wireless subwoofer or rear speaker to make the system work properly 

Q. What Is The Best Soundbars Under 1000?

The Samsung Q800 is the best product among all the products available for less than $1,000 which provides an impressive audio experience at a reasonable price.

Q. Is There Any Volume Control Button Present On Samsung Q800?

Yes! There are several buttons present in the remote provided along with this system which makes it easy to control volumes from different devices such as TV, Blu-ray player, etc., using a single remote.

Q. Are Rear Speakers Required For Installing A Soundbar?

No! There is no need of any additional components to set up the subwoofers and rear speakers as they are already built in the bar itself which provides an immersive surround sound experience.

Q. Is Bluetooth Connectivity Supported By Samsung Q800?

Yes, this supports Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to stream music from your mobile devices wirelessly with ease.

Q. What Is Dolby Atmos Technology? Does It Work On Samsung Q800?

Dolby Atmos is a three-dimensional audio format that gives an amazing musical experience while watching movies or playing games on your TV or set up at home. Moreover, yes, it works on Samsung Q800.

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