How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work? & How To Connect Them

At some point of your life you may have wondered that how Bluetooth speakers work? 

In recent years, Bluetooth connectivity has achieved the tremendous popularity for cellphones and other mobile devices, and now the technology is  used in wireless speakers as well. Bluetooth speaker systems are ideal for people who have a home entertainment system but want to listen to their music (audio streaming technology) from anywhere within the house.

All you need is a Bluetooth speaker and anything with Bluetooth connectivity.

Most Bluetooth speakers receive digital audio device form wirelessly over a short distance from any Bluetooth enabled device.

The two most important types are static speakers and dynamic speakers.

Whichever is more appealing to you, they both utilize Bluetooth technology to make sure your music can be heard quite clearly by everyone who wants to listen.

To understand how do wireless Bluetooth speakers work and how to pair Bluetooth speakers to various devices, it may help first to examine what Bluetooth is.

What is Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a form of wireless communication that allows devices to talk to each other over short distances using radio waves. When the speaker’s Bluetooth receiver receives the digital audio signal, it must pass through two key components before it can drive the speakers.  Because Bluetooth transmits digital audio, then received signal converted analog audio.

After it has been encoded in digital format, it is converted to analog by the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) built into the speaker. There is a built-in amplifier circuit that amplifies the analog audio. The amplified audio signal is then sent to the speaker drivers (note that the audio signals will be split at this point for stereo and surround codecs). The drivers convert the analog audio signal into sound waves. Listeners hear the sound waves.  

In terms of Bluetooth speakers, this wireless technology does not change much from the standard concept; you will need two Bluetooth devices or more compatible Bluetooth device connected and close enough to communicate with one another for the music to be heard.

Working of Bluetooth Speakers

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work? by

Bluetooth speaker work by using radio transmissions between compatible devices to send and receive data. This means that any device with Bluetooth capabilities can use this wireless connection to communicate.

However, with the recent advancements in mobile phones and other portable Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth technology has expanded its uses beyond simply wireless connectivity talking.

In 2006, Bluetooth finally came out with a new standard that allowed faster data transmission and better sound quality. This more recent version of Bluetooth is called Bluetooth 2.

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Bluetooth audio device speakers receive digital audio signal wirelessly via Bluetooth protocol when paired with 

Bluetooth enabled digital audio devices. According to Bluetooth standards, the radio carrier waves are transmitted wirelessly between the audio device’s Bluetooth transmitter and the Bluetooth speaker’s BT receiver. Using the modulation signal, the Bluetooth receiver decodes the carrier wave. A2DP encoded audio signal are then decoded to yield intended digital audio signal (compression losses are applied both in encoding and decoding). Audio device’s bt transmitter speakers accept digital audio signals wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device and play it back through their built-in driver units.

This process ensures that the compressed digital audio files on a cell phone or tablet can be played straightforwardly, just like the original sound file.

These speakers do not need an internet connection to play music; only a relationship between Bluetooth device are required.

What are The Benefits of Using Best Bluetooth Speakers

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work? by

Best Bluetooth speakers offer you various benefits; they are straightforward to connect since all you need to do is pair them with your Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

Another reason for switching over to Bluetooth speakers is that, unlike standard wired speakers, these types don’t require any specialised hardware at home for the audio system to function.

The whole idea behind this newer technology is to improve the wireless capabilities of Bluetooth speakers so that they become even more accessible than traditional wired speakers.

This is unlike wifi speakers that require a bridge between the speaker and audio source. Wireless speakers are more compact than prominent speakers and can be designed in almost any shape or size.

Bluetooth speaker systems need a power source for their drivers; some systems may also have built-in batteries that may allow them to function without power for several hours.

It is elementary to connect these speakers as all you need is Bluetooth connectivity. One of the best features of these speakers is that they are portable Bluetooth speaker and easy to move from one place to another.

Bluetooth speakers offer you the chance to enjoy better sound quality than other types of wireless speakers. Each Bluetooth enabled device has a unique address which means that your music data can be transferred efficiently without any loss in sound quality or degradation of the audio signal.

The Downside of Bluetooth Speakers

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They have security concerns that you should be aware of. A third-party device can intercept the data that is being transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth.

This means that you have to ensure that the files you are playing are not highly confidential and sensitive. Another reason why some people still prefer using wired speakers rather than Bluetooth ones because they may want to preserve battery life on their smartphones or tablets.

These speakers consume power when connected to a Bluetooth-enabled device, which can drain your battery faster.

This drawback is also why some people prefer using direct cables for their audio systems, such as aux and headphone cable, instead of Bluetooth connection for convenience purposes.

Some speaker systems have an issue with pairing sound input from multiple devices. This means that you may need to disconnect the Bluetooth connection between your laptop and tablet for the speaker system to connect to each device separately.

These are some of the reasons why people still prefer using standard wired speakers instead of wireless ones.

What are The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Speakers

How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work? by

Bluetooth speakers offer you various benefits, one being that they are effortless to connect since all you need to do is paired Bluetooth speaker them with your Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or tablet. The Wi-Fi speaker is called smart speakers.

Passive Speaker vs Active Speaker

Wired passive speakers receive their speaker level audio signals via hardwired speaker cables. Wireless active speakers can receive speaker-level signals either via speaker cable or line-level signals, mic and instrument-level signals via thinner audio cables. A Bluetooth speaker, as its name suggests, uses wireless Bluetooth technology to transmit audio signals. 


If you want to great sound quality, we highly recommended that you stick to  Bluetooth speakers. Like everything, these speakers have some drawbacks, but they are not too serious, especially considering benefits and convenience they provide!

Bluetooth speakers offer numerous advantages compared to standard wired speakers in terms of sound quality, power consumption, price range and most specifically the amazing portability, etc. By considering these factors, it should be easy for you to choose between using wired speakers and Bluetooth enabled speakers.