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How Does A Wireless Speaker Work And How to Connect with Different Devices?

In this recent era, Wireless speakers are the latest trend in the speaker industry, and they seem to be taking over. They’re advantageous as they are small, portable speaker, and don’t require any cords or wires. So curious to know about how does a wireless speaker work?

This article will answer your question and more!

What Is A Wireless Speaker

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

A wireless speaker is a device that enables you to play music wherever and whenever you want. Wireless speakers do not require any cords, so they are portable and easy to use. But how does Bluetooth speakers work?

The first thing to understand about these devices is their components: the main one being an audio transmitter.

The audio output Bluetooth transmitter sends out a signal, which the wireless speaker picks up. The audio receiver picks it up and then broadcasts it as soundwaves through its built-in speakers. It’s that easy!

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How Does A Wireless / Bluetooth Speakers Work

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

As we talk about wireless system speakers, the two variants that come to our minds are AC-powered wireless speakers and Portable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker. Both are wireless and user-friendly.

However, both work in different ways. AC-powered Wireless Speaker is powered by electricity, and its receiver has to be plugged into an electric outlet to get the power supply.

You can then connect it with your single speaker or home stereo using a wire cord.

Portable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker does not require any external power source other than batteries that are rechargeable.

It can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones, laptops or tablets using wireless signal (Bluetooth technology).

The main thing to remember is that both of them work on the same principle; they receive a radio frequency transmission from their respective transmitter and then convert this into sound waves by means of speakers inbuilt inside them.

Most wireless speakers use radio frequency waves to receive audio signals rather than cables. As we know, speakers create sound waves by receive audio signals from the driver, which is why wireless speaker transmitters are so essential. Different devices receive these signals in different ways, however. When you use wired speakers, the signal is received through the wires of the system. 

The sound waves produced are then transmitted to the ears of listeners.

How To Connect To A Wireless Speaker

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

Many wireless speakers can usually connect the wireless speaker to your device via Bluetooth. However, if your device does not support Bluetooth connectivity, you may need to use an auxiliary cable.

To Connect Through The Wireless Mode

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com
  • By pressing and holding the pairing button of your speaker and wait for it to blink with a red or blue light indicating that it is in discoverable mode. You will see this kind of notification on your device as well.
  • Click on the “Bluetooth technology” option in your settings and look for many wireless speaker with the name of an available brand/model name that you are looking to connect with.
  • When prompted, enter 0000 or 1234 depending on which one appears on your screen when clicking “OK.” Your devices will now be paired.
  • To disconnect, click on the “Bluetooth technology” icon again and select your speaker before clicking on “Forget.” You can now connect to a different Bluetooth devices with ease!

To Connect Through An Auxiliary Cable

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com
  • Plugin one end of your Auxiliary cord into the headphone jack or audio out a port present at the back of your speaker.
  • You can connect the other end to the headphone jack or audio out a port present at the backside of your device (for example, laptop, TV) and select “AUX” as input on the volume controls to hear sound through speakers.

To Connect Through The AUX Mode

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com
  • Plug in one end of your Auxiliary cord into the headphone jack or audio out a port present at the back of your speaker.
  • Plug the other end into a USB port on a laptop that is enabled with Bluetooth connectivity and select “AUX” as input on the volume controls to hear sacrificing sound quality through regular speakers.

How To Use A Wireless Speaker With A Phone

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that establishes a connection between two devices. It uses radio waves to transmit information, similar to Wi-Fi.

Wireless speakers are compatible with almost all Bluetooth connection such as mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

So, to connect your mobile to your Bluetooth speaker, the Bluetooth protocol allows to connect together. You have to follow the below steps:

  • Make your Bluetooth device discoverable by turning it on.
  • Press the “Pair” button on your speaker to enter pairing mode. If you can’t find a Pairing option, check whether your Wireless Speaker supports NFC (Near Field Communication) connectivity instead.
  • On your smart device or tablet, search for available devices within range of connection.
  • Select your Wireless Speaker from the list of devices displayed. 

Once you are connected, play stream music on your phone and enjoy!

To disconnect: Turn off the Bluetooth devices or place it out of range for successful connection.

If using NFC, tap again to connect with another nearby device that supports NFC or turn on/off your device’s Bluetooth connectivity.

It is okay to use different speakers from different brands to play music on multiple speakers. Those speakers must have the same wireless technology standard, however. Using Airplay and Play-Fi speakers, for example, won’t work together.

How Do Wireless Speakers Work With A Receiver

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

In the process of setting up the wireless speaker, there has to be a transmitter that can send audio signals, and for that, a wireless receiver is just what you need?

A receiver works to receive the transmitted sounds or audio signals.

A wireless receiver is a device that can pick up radio frequency or sound waves and convert them into electrical signals.

  • To connect the receiver to your Bluetooth speaker, you have to first plug in the receiver’s power cable to turn on or activate the transmitter.
  • Once done, you have to select the right input on your receiver for connecting through Bluetooth. Then you can enjoy your loud music or podcast and Audio file.
  • The wireless speakers to be linked to the receiver can be seen in your AV receiver’s output and input devices, which may be connected using RCA cables.
  • Then, go to the Settings menu and choose an exact input channel. You’ll need to use your receiver’s audio functions to change the audio settings.
  • The connection is now complete. Finally, you must link the speaker and receiver using the same Wi-Fi network.

You may then use any app or play your music playlist to control the audio tracks. You might run into snags when you first start using it.

How Do Wireless Speakers Work With A TV

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com
  • The first thing you need to do is switch your TV on and turn it off using the remote control.
  • Once done, connect the auxiliary cord given in the box with one end plugged into an available headphone port present at the backside of wireless speakers. Then plug another end into any USB port or HDMI input slot provided by your TV, which is enabled with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Choose the AUX as input on the volume controls and select Auxiliary or ‘Rear’ as an option to hear sound through your speakers only. Then turn up the volume of both devices, so you can enjoy loud music!
  • And lastly, if there is no headphone port available on the backside of your TV, you can use the HDMI input slot. But make sure to change it using your remote control for better connectivity and output sound.
  • You may also connect one end of an auxiliary cord with one end plugged into an available headphone port present at the backside of wireless speakers and plug another end into any USB port or HDMI input slot provided by your TV, which is enabled with Bluetooth connectivity.

After that, turn up the volume of both devices and enjoy loud music!

How Do Wireless Speakers Work With A Computer

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

You now know how simple and useful it is to utilize a wireless speaker. You may move them to any location while it’s linked.

Even the wireless speakers are safe since there are no cables to connect. So, as you can see, wireless speakers are becoming increasingly popular.

Receivers are used to play music from your computer. So, why not use wireless speakers on PCs? Of course, you may link your wireless speaker to your PC.

Follow the process step by step.

  • To begin, place your receiver close to your computer so that the transmitter may connect to it.
  • You’ll find USB ports behind your PC if you look closely. You must connect your USB transmitter to those ports.
  • Take your seat and install the required software and drivers for your speakers. (Some transmitters include built-in devices and software that are needed to connect wireless speakers).
  • Turn on the receiver while connecting your TV speakers as previously described.
  • Go to the media player, and select the preferences and interface for your computer’s specific wireless speakers.

When the transmitter is connected to both your PC and speaker. After this, you can enjoy music and audio play with your computer.

How To Charge A Portable Wireless Speaker

How Does A Wireless Speaker Work by speakerjournal.com

Well, you need not worry at all as there are different types of chargers available for this device.

A USB charger is the most common type, and therefore it can be charged using any USB port on a computer or laptop. 

You must connect your device to a computer so that it can be charged.

But, you may also charge your device with a power bank by connecting the USB cable to both devices and plugging in an AC adapter or wall charger. In this way, your battery will get recharged quickly.

There is another option of charging through a car charger as well, which charges your device by connecting through the car’s cigarette lighter.

Portable speakers are available in many different shapes and sizes these days, so you must choose accordingly to suit your needs.

Choose a portable wireless speaker that can be easily moved around or is lightweight enough to carry everywhere without any hassle. This will help you to enjoy music wherever you go.


Its important to know what you need, I’m just looking for someone who knows there importance. If you enjoy listening to music and want better loud sound quality in your comfort zone, you may compare both wireless speakers and decide which is best for you.

Bluetooth speakers are ideal for individuals who want to take their music system outside and enjoy the scenery while listening to music everywhere they want.

If you want to keep your speakers inside the house and have a stable Wi-Fi connection, this is the best option.

They are not likely to move and can be controlled from anywhere inside the house.

By comparing the quality of both wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers have a lot of limitations, but they are extremely fantastic. AC-powered speakers, on the other hand, offer higher quality than Bluetooth speakers.

That’s why wireless speakers are gaining immense popularity, and people prefer to use them.


How do I connect my wireless speaker?

Wireless speakers are easy to use. All you have to do is connect the receiver via Bluetooth or WiFiWi-Fi, and make sure that they’re on the same network. It’s that simple!

What power does a wireless speaker have?

There are several ways to wireless power speakers. Some of them run on battery, while others may be plugged in, so they don’t require batteries.

Can wireless speakers be used on a PC?

Yes. Wireless speakers can easily connect to your computer, laptop or other devices that have Bluetooth capabilities.

What's the difference between Wi-Fi speakers and Bluetooth speakers?

Wi-Fi speakers are connected to your router, so you can play music from any device that is on your network. Bluetooth speakers are limited in range, but they’re much more portable.

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