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Know It All About How Soundbar Works - Complete Guide

Many people don’t want extra speakers and cables in their house, so soundbars are a good alternative. And most of us have soundbar in our offices and house, but have you ever wondered how a soundbar works? and what wattage do you require for your sound bar?

Well, for  today, I am gonna share the complete working mechanism of a sound bar. But before let me clear the main parts of soundbar.

A best soundbar is consist of three major parts, these are:

How Soundbar Works by speakerjournal.com

1. Speaker Box

This part of the soundbar houses the speakers which actually produce sounds. Hence in simple words, it is a standing amplifier. It has four woofers that produce low frequency and four tweeters that produce high frequency.

Using an acoustic filter (cone), sound from the + woofer is directed towards the listener, while sound from – woofer is directed to the back of the speaker box. This lowers the bass level at your listening position. 

How Soundbar Works by speakerjournal.com

2. Sound Processing Unit

This part receives input signals and processes them before sending output signals to amplifiers for power amplification. In simple words, it converts a digital signal into an analog format so that it can feed the speaker. The major advantage of this part is that you can change sound base quality by just manipulating some settings on your sound processing unit. You can tune the bass, treble and other special sound effects as per your requirement.

3. Amplifiers

These are responsible for power amplification of input signals from the sound system processing unit. A sound bar usually includes 2 amplifiers in order to power up woofers, tweeter and built in speakers.

Now let’s get into how all of these works.

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Working of Speaker

The working of a speaker is very simple, and a speaker is nothing but a membrane attached and stretched to a rigid cone. When you play a bounce sound at the speaker, it shakes due to waves created by the sounds. You can see this if you look at the speaker from the side while play music on it.

The bass waves are biggest in size, so they don’t pass through small holes of the speaker carefully placed near its mouth. So good sound from the woofer goes out of the end while high-frequency waves propagate through the speaker.

Sound Processing Unit

The sound processing unit in a sound bar is a device that decodes digital audio signals to analog ones. There are many types of sound processing units available in the market, involving different technologies and techniques for converting a digital signal into an analog format depending on the output sound quality you want.

The sound Processing Unit has a microphone attached with it that collects input sounds and converts them into an electrical signal. The electric signal is converted to digital data so that it can be decoded later. The Digital audio signal is then split into two parts: Baseband and high-frequency part.

Baseband or low-frequency part of the signals are inputted into the woofer amplifier while high-frequency part of the signal goes into the tweeter amp. The output of these signals is again mixed in a special way so that the bass and treble of sound aren’t mixed together. In terms of sound quality, you may get sound that’s better than TV speakers, but you won’t get extras like Dolby Atmos.


The sound bar usually includes two amplifiers for input signals. One is for the woofer, and another one is for the tweeter speaker. Woofer amplifier gives output to four woofers attached inside the speaker box, while a tweeter amplifier gives output to four tweeter speakers.

In a sound bar, bass and treble output from the woofer speaker and tweeter speaker are both mixed together at an angle of 45 degrees so that the presenters don’t mix with each other. Hence you can have high base quality for music listening as well as a clear voice while watching movies in theatre mode, thus enabling you to have a theater-like experience at your home.

A sound bar also includes an equalizer that controls the bass and treble output from the woofer speaker and tweeter speaker. An equalizer is used to balance the output of bass and treble so that it matches with human hearing frequency.

Do not forget about Acoustic Filter also. These filters are also included in most of the soundbars to further improve sound quality by removing unwanted frequencies from music.

Speaker Positioning

How Soundbar Works by speakerjournal.com

 Soundbar is usually placed above or below a TV, but you should never place it on the sidewall behind your TV as per the acoustic filter manufacturer’s recommendation so that bass and treble don’t mix together. You don’t want the soundbar to sit in front of your TV if you are using an entertainment stand. The setup is typically cleaner, as you only have to run one cable to the sound bar.

For those of You Who Don't Know

Sound bars are long (usually a single bar) speaker systems that have been popularized for their all-in-one approach to simulated surround sound setup. They’re cheap, easy to set up, and offer an attractive alternative to multi-speaker home theater setups. But do they produce better audio?

The Primary Claim To Better Sound Quality

That we hear about is from companies like Razer, Polk Audio, and Harman Kardon. These companies are suggesting you can get a movie theater experience right in your living room with these types of systems. But how true is this claim? Are there any other benefits besides a simplified setup? Let’s take a look at what soundbars have to offer.

The first thing we should note is that a big part of the supposed benefit of soundbars is convenience. They’re all-in-one systems, which makes it very easy for consumers to get up and running without needing any extra gear or spending hours trying to set everything up properly. And because you don’t need to find or connect all the rear speakers and surround sound speakers, you’ll likely never have to think about wiring again. It’s a very attractive proposition for most people that makes things much easier.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re better from an audio perspective, but it does make them more attractive because consumers are used to doing things like hooking up their TV to an A/V receiver and can easily understand how to set up a soundbar.

Soundbars also offer mobile-friendly sound, which is another potential benefit that not everyone will care about, but some people will appreciate having. This means they’re capable of putting out the great quality sound without having to be right next to your TV screen and place sounds since they produce enough volume and energy to be heard across the room.

So, Where Do Soundbars Fall Short?

How Soundbar Works by speakerjournal.com

There are several areas that you should consider before buy a soundbar. And while most people might not mind them, it’s important for audiophiles looking for a high-quality sound to understand these potential issues:

In general, sound bars are not good for people who want full surround sound; the incoming audio from your TV is also being played through the soundbar, which means it’s essentially impossible to have a “surround” experience.

This is especially true when comparing them to actual home theater systems, causing most traditional home theater enthusiasts or audiophiles to avoid them like the plague.

The issue of simulated surround sound is a big one for many people that simply boils down to the fact that most sound bars don’t have enough speaker drivers and to actually fool anyone into thinking they hear true surround sound system.

And, really, it doesn’t matter how good your simulated surround effect sounds if you can tell it’s fake. So because of this, many people might be better off spending a bit more money and getting something that can actually produce a surround sound experience instead of using simulated processing.

There are still some things you need to consider when it comes to sound bars, though. It’s important for someone thinking about buying one to understand what they’re giving up and what they’re going to get. It really comes down to knowing exactly what the product is, how it works, and where it excels.

The first thing you need to know is that even though sound bars can be very convenient, they are not intended for audiophile use. They may put out decent sound, but it’s not going to be accurate enough for you to sit down and enjoy a film or some music stored.

For most people, this is totally fine since things like sound bars are generally mass-market products that are intended for the average consumer. But if you’re an enthusiast with lots of money invested in your audio gear, then these types of systems are simply not going to be a good fit for you.

That’s not to say that sound bars can’t be used as part of a good home theater, though. They have tons of benefits and features that might make them attractive to people who want simplicity and convenience without sacrificing too much on their home theater experience.

The fact is that sound bars are actually still very capable pieces of equipment, even if they’re not nearly as accurate or well-rounded as other types of systems like they were just a few years ago.

Today’s modern models like smart soundbars put out better fidelity than ever before, so it really comes down to knowing exactly what your own needs are, how much money you’re willing to spend, and finding the right product in order to get more value for your money.

For example, a soundbar might not be able to get as loud as an AV receiver and large tower speakers, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since most people don’t really need all the power they have anyway. And because of this, you can save quite a bit of money by choosing a more affordable solution without having to sacrifice too much in terms of quality.

But if your goal is high-fidelity audio for use when streaming services like watching films or listening to music, then something like a soundbar probably isn’t going to meet your needs; however, there are other products available that are specifically designed for these purposes. Some examples include higher-end models from companies like Bose and Sonos beam.

Their are serval ways to plug and play sound bar to most tv’s. you can connect smart sound bar to tv Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI inputs, Audio digital and Wi-Fi connection. Dolby atoms and Dolby digital provide  great sound but Dolby digital not all sounddbars. 

Some companies built in subwoofers in soundbar and some brand provide separate subwoofer, wireless speakers and separate speakers. The built in subwoofer soundbar is less expensive than separate subwoofer. these type of blu ray players soundbar is pretty good, you can control it with remote control from front panel display.

Most TVs support HDMI connections, built in Bluetooth when you connect these type of connection your tv with soundbar they provide you sound good. Some TVs can’t support HDMI ports.

Many soundbar is available market in different size soundbar.  

How many channels on soundbar?

In a 2-channel sound bar, there are two speakers on each side. When you upgrade to a 3-channel sound bar, there are three speakers on each side. In a 5-channel sound bar, there are five speakers: center, right, left, and two rear speakers. 5 channel systems have been the industry standard for close to 20 years.

The 7-channel sound bar provides 7 speakers. Basically it is a 5 channel sound bar with a bonus: You get 7 channels total by splitting the surround left and rear channel information into 4 channels. (The newest and best standard.) Some channels play a role center channel.

I hope now you have a good idea about how a sound bars work and what are the key takeaways when you are choosing a soundbar.

Have any questions?

Feel free to mention in the comments!

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