orologi replica 10 Crazy-Easy Steps On How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker

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10 Crazy-Easy Steps On How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker |

You are searching for the ways on how to build a Bluetooth speaker at home? And how? Well, today, in this article, I have mentioned the easiest steps through which you can build your Bluetooth speaker.

Word Of Caution

If you are beginner, this might be difficult for you.

 If you are a beginner and you don’t understand these instructions, do not feel discouraged. If still, you insist on making one, then there are many videos available on YouTube that can guide you on building a your own Bluetooth speakers just by using two mobile phones. But the problem with those methods is that they don’t produce excellent quality sound. 

 And once again, I must say, if you are a beginner, it’s better to start with the basics of electronics and make sure you have a piece of good knowledge about every component before beginning this kind of project.

Components Used To Diy Bluetooth speaker

You must need these components to Diy Bluetooth speaker at home. In every project, the diy supercharged Bluetooth speaker basic components you will use depend on your requirement. But these are the basic minimum required components that are needed to make a successful your own Bluetooth speaker.

 1) Two transistors 2N2222 or BC548

2) One condenser mic

3) 3v diy Battery (supercell or equivalent )

4) One 8 ohm speaker

How To Diy Bluetooth speaker And What Supplies Needed

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

1) One paper plate (This will act as a substrate for a circuit board.)

2) Some thick copper wire

3) Hot glue gun

4) Electric tape

5) Glue 

6) Power Cable

7) Soldering iron

Steps To Follow To Diy Bluetooth speaker

Step 1: Make The Bluetooth Module Of Schematic Diagram

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

The Bluetooth module is the most important part of this project. If you don’t make it properly, then there are no chances that your speaker will work. Make a single circuit for both transmitter and bluetooth receivers modules first using an empty speaker box or another case. The receiver decodes a Bluetooth audio signal and converts it to electrical audio.  

 After making the circuit for the Bluetooth module, connect one end of the condenser mic to PIN 1 and 2 and the other ends with GND (ground). PIN 3 takes care of switching on and off the speaker.

Step 2: Make A Copper Plate

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Copper plate is an optional thing. If you don’t want a copper plate, then you can directly use the paper plate. But if you’re going to make it look a bit professional, then creating a copper plate is a must for this project.

 Take some thick copper wire and cut them so that they are at least one cm long. Now stick 10 pieces of wire vertically on every side of the paper plate. Make sure that the wire on one side is connected to the same side wire on another side of the plate.

Step 3: Put A Pattern And Connect Wires

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Now take a look at your Bluetooth module; you will find three vertical rows of pins there. We will use those three pins for our connections with the speaker. They are VCC, GND and OUT.

 Take a hot glue gun and put some drops of glue between the pins such that it is connected to each other. And connect the two wires coming from the Bluetooth module to the speaker using electric tape. Make sure that you have used a battery before doing all this, as your speaker won’t work without it. (You may even use a 9v battery for better sound quality.) 


Step 4: Make The Case

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

 Now take another paper plate and make some corners at its centre using a scissor or cutter. The size of this part will depend on your requirement; you can make it as big or as small as you want.

 The most important thing is that the speaker must fit into it.

Step 5: Make A Hole In Case

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Now take your transmitter and receiver modules and put them inside this new plate you have just created. By adding a “passive radiator,” the lower bass frequencies were extended, resulting in a much punchier bass.   AirJam offers deeper bass and wider midrange compared to its rivals due to its four active drivers and one passive radiator. Put a corner over the modules such that all the three pins (GND, VCC and OUT) of the Bluetooth module are connected to the speaker. Now put wood glue in all gaps in between modules for solid adhesion.

Put your case on speaker and press it hard such that all three pins get fitted into the holes you have made at the corner of the case.

Step 6: Make A Hole In The Paper Plate

Take a cutter or scissors and make a small hole in the centre of your paper plate. This is where we will insert the volume control and mp3 player to play music.

Step 7: Make Holes At Corners Of The Case

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Make four drill holes at all four corners of your case and put cords in them such that you can tie it up with someplace.

Step 8: Make A Hole At The Centre Of The Plate

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Put a wire through this small hole and connect it to the VCC pin of the Bluetooth module. Now take another wire and connect it to the GND pin. So you have successfully made the complete circuit for your speaker system. All you need to do now is insert an mp3 player to it and connect the output of the mp3 player to the transmitter module.

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Step 9: Insert Mp3 Player

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Insert your mp3 player in that small hole made at step 7 and put both the ends of wires (that you have inserted into the holes) into the headphone jack on your mp3 player.

Step 10: Enjoy Music

How To Build A Bluetooth Speaker by speakerjournal.com

Now play your mp3 player and connect it to the Bluetooth module. Your speaker is ready to use now. Connect any sound source such as PC, laptop or mp3 player with this Bluetooth module and enjoy the music!

Now enjoy with your friends and family on your own DIY portable Bluetooth speaker. Must try these easy steps for a better sound experience.


Q: Can I Make The Bluetooth Receiver Module At Home?

A: Yes, you can make it at home by using some small components easily available in the market. You can use a:

1) MP3 player as Bluetooth receiver module for this project.

2) NFC module (as an alternate to Bluetooth.)

Q: Can We Connect Multiple Speakers?

A: Yes, of course. Just connect the transmitter and the speaker through Bluetooth and enjoy music on multiple speakers.

Q: Can I Make An Amplifier Circuit At Home?

A: Yes, you can. Just put the Bluetooth module on the same principle as this project and connect any speaker (8 ohms) to it.

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: The cost of a Bluetooth module is around $5 to $8; if you buy it from outside India, you can get them for less than that price.

Q: I Am Using An Android Phone As A Bluetooth Transmitter. Is This An Issue?

A: No, the onboard Bluetooth module of your mobile can be used for transmitting signals.

Q: I Have Built It, But There Is No Sound Coming Out; What Should I Do?

A: Please make sure that all the connections are proper. If all connections are proper and the sound is still not coming out, check your mp3 player in the receiver end.

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