How To Connect Ceiling Speakers To Receiver- A Hassle Free Setup

You have a beautiful sound system, but you can’t enjoy it as the speakers are too far from your ears to be heard. I.e On the Ceiling! You want to hear what is going on in all of those movies and music videos. Luckily, there is a solution! In this article, we will show you how to connect ceiling speakers to receivers?

Follow These Step By Step Guide
How To Connect Ceiling Speakers To Receiver

Step 01:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Unplug everything. Install Speakers Before you connecting ceiling speakers to receivers, everything must be unplugged. Make sure your TV, receiver and light switch is turned off. 

Step 02:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Get out wires which are used for ceiling speaker to receiver connections. Pull out the wires that are used for ceiling speaker to receiver connections from your kit. You will see two sets of wire? one with red and black ends and one with red, white and bare wire.

Step 03:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Connect the wires from the ceiling speaker to the receiver assembly kit to wires that are used for the ceiling speaker to receiver connections black to black wire, white to red wire and bare wire to green. They re enclosed in insulation material. Use the wire cutters trim away the insulation material around the receivers wires.

Step 04:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Pull the wire up into the attic space and connect it to the speaker. The wire that comes out of the wall will be connected to one terminal of your ceiling speaker. The bare wire which is included in the kit should go to the other terminal.

Step 05:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by
  1. Connect your ceiling speaker connector to a receiver with an open connection port using a coaxial cable.
  2. Make sure the open connection port on your receiver is an RCA one.
  3. Attach a coaxial cable to that port and connect it to the other end of the speaker wire.

Step 06:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Connect your TV to the receiver using RCA cables and power on everything. If you used RCA cables to connect your ceiling speaker, you would need one more set of these cables in order to get TV audio. You can connect them to your receiver and TV just like you would a speaker cable box. Once everything is connected, power on the devices and test them out!

Your amplifier transforms the audio signal from your media into the sound you hear through your speakers. It does this by translating audio waves from a source into audible sound.

New are network ceiling speakers. Active speakers (with built-in amplifier) that receive streaming audio over the network, such as Dante. POE is used to power these speakers. Powered speaker do not require the support of an external amplifier or receiver. These speakers has built in amplifier. Wireless ceiling speakers are the third option. The internal amplifier and wireless receiver of the speaker require power, so they are not really wireless.  If you have passive ceiling speakers then you definitely need to connect them with a receiver or amplifier 

Step 07:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Connect your receiver to the TV using an optical cable. If you would like to get sound coming from the TV, too, you will need to use an optical cable. You can connect your receiver and TV using this type of cord just like you would a DVD player.

Step 08:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Press the audio button on your TV’s remote to change the sound output. If you connected everything correctly, there should be no problem hearing audio from your TV. If you would like to switch between speakers, press the “audio” button on your remote in order to change the sound output.

Step 09:

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by

Use a receiver to power wireless ceiling speakers if you want a simple solution for home theater system audio setup. If your receiver is not powerful enough to power wireless ceiling speakers, you will need another solution. A wireless receiver allows you to connect speakers wirelessly. The receiver will be able to power them, and you won’t have any tangled cords!

Step 10:

Finally, you can sit back and enjoy your surround sound system. You have connected ceiling speakers to the receiver, so you are all set!

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Suggestion To Connect Speaker To Receiver

Without a doubt, ceiling speakers are a good way of enjoying music and movies. It’s hard to go wrong with a good surround sound system, especially when you want the audio from your TV as well. 

When it comes to ceiling speakers, there are many different ways to connect them. Sometimes an open connection port is all that you need! Other times you might have too much power going into one speaker. In every case, it’s important to know what you are doing so that everything is connected properly.

How to Connect Ceiling Speakers to Receiver by


Can a receiver be connected to multiple speakers?

Typically, there is no limit to how many you can connect. However, if you are trying to connect too many wirelessly, it will lag.

How can you test if they are connected properly?

The best way to test that they are connected properly is by testing the sound. It can be done in a few different ways, including your TV remote or checking the sound settings on your receiver.

Where should I place my speakers?

Placement of them isn’t important, but you should make sure they are in the best spot to get sound. This will depend on how many speakers you have and where your TV is located, among other factors.

Can I connect ceiling speakers to a cable box?

Yes, you can make this connection using RCA cables or an optical cable.

How do I connect speakers to a receiver?

You can make this connection using a speaker wire or an optical cable. Keep in mind that some receivers only accept one type of connection, so be sure to check first.

Where would I put my ceiling speakers?

You should put most ceiling speakers in a spot where you can enjoy them the most. This might be different for everyone, so consider this when you are looking for the best spot to put them.

Placing the speaker at the center of the room is the best way to distribute sound equally if you only have one stereo speaker in the room. When placing two speakers or three stereo speakers, make sure they are equally spaced out and a meter and a half away from the wall to ensure good sound distribution.

How do I connect ceiling speakers?

The best way will depend on the type of speaker you have. For example, if they are wireless, then you will need to connect them through your receiver or an audio cable. If they are wired, then you would connect them using a speaker wire.