An Excellent 5-Step Guide On How To Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI

If you are finding ways to improve the sound quality then there is nothing better then a Soundbar! Its a great device that you need to buy right now with a speaker system that includes an HDMI connection. And this article will help you alot on how to connect  soundbar with HDMI with some tips on what type of speakers might work best for your needs!

Connect Soundbar To TV With HDMI

How to connect soundbar to TV with HDMI by

Choose an HDMI cable that is compatible with your soundbar.

Make sure the TV input setting matches the correct input for where you will be connecting your soundbar to make it work correctly!

Set up a digital audio connection, or check if any existing speakers are connected by this method.

Find out what type of power source works best for the soundbar.

Step 1.
Connect the two devices to electricity and switch them on

Unless you’re just now unpacking it, your TV will almost certainly already be connected to electricity (unless, of course, you were only now unboxing that). However, one of the most overlooked steps when connecting a Soundbar to a TV is that the soundbar generally requires its own source of electricity.

Not all Soundbars are designed the same; therefore, you might discover that your soundbar provides a different approach to obtaining power. The most popular approach to supply power to your soundbar is using an AC power adaptor or something comparable; however, this is not the only option. You could discover that it can be linked to power via your TV, but this isn’t always the case.

Regardless of the reason, before you get frustrated thinking that your TV and Soundbar connection isn’t working, double-check that you’ve plugged in both devices.

Then, turn on both the TV and the soundbar before connecting them with your HDMI cable so you can see whether any alerts occur.

Step 2.
Place the HDMI input (ARC) on the TV

How to connect soundbar to TV with HDMI by

Now that you’ve connected your TV and Soundbar, you’ll need to establish the HDMI connection ports on each device.

It does not matter which device you connect the HDMI cable to first, but make sure both devices are fully connected (and plugged in completely).

This is a very common location for this input (ARC) port on the TV, and it typically appears somewhere near all of the other input and output ports. If you already have cables connected to the RCA ports (typically the red and white input and output connections), this is where you should start.

The HDMI cable’s shape is quite distinctive, so you should be able to tell the difference by inspecting the end of the HDMI cable and then the TV port.

If you can’t discover an HDMI (ARC) input on your television, look for the power and other buttons. Then, if you still can’t discover it, consult your TV’s user manual or contact the manufacturer.

HDMI connections are not used on all TVs, but they may be converted to another type of connection.

Step 3.
Place the HDMI output (ARC) on the soundbar

How to connect soundbar to TV with HDMI by

Once you’ve discovered the HDMI input (ARC) port on your TV, look for the corresponding HDMI output (ARC) port on your soundbar. This should not be too tough since the number of ports will be considerably less than what you would find on your TV.

After you’ve located this port and ensured that the soundbar is connected to a power source, you’re ready to link it with your TV using an HDMI cable.

Connect the HDMI cable to each device sequentially

It’s time to connect the HDMI cable from your TV and Soundbar now that you know where to connect them sequentially.

It makes little difference whether you plug the HDMI cable to the TV first and then the soundbar. Simply ensure that the connection you make is complete and secure.

Step 5:
Fix the settings on your TV to choose the soundbar as the preferred speaker output.

You’ll need to change the settings on your TV to designate the soundbar as the preferred speaker output after you’ve connected all of your devices (and the TV and Soundbar are both switched on).

This is not usually the case with Soundbars, although some will automatically become the preferred output when they are connected.

If your TV does not automatically select the new HDMI input/output option as the soundbar, you should not detect any difference in sound quality.

This occurs because, even though the soundbar is connected via HDMI, it continues to output audio using the internal TV speakers as its preferred source. As a result, you’ll need to manually change the auto setting so that your soundbar gets some use.

How to connect soundbar to TV with HDMI by

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You can go through your TV’s user guide or owner’s manual to learn how to do this. However, the process is bit tiring and follows a typical procedure. To simply put, just go to the Settings option on your TV and find an option that is similar to the Speaker or Audio selection options.

The Soundbar will be selected as the preferred speaker output. The HDMI connection will therefore be the default option in that case, or you might need to ensure that the Soundbar’s source is set to D.IN.

In any case, setting the Soundbar as the preferred output option on your TV will ensure that audio signals are sent to the Soundbar intead of internal speakers of your TV (or wherever else the audio might normally be routed).

 Make sure that all of the equipment in your home theater is properly paired if you are adding a Soundbar to a larger set of sound equipment. However, if this is an area where your audio experience is being built, then you should be fine.


What do you need to connect a soundbar with HDMI?

You will require an HDMI cable, and both the TV and Soundbar should be switched on before you start. The correct port must also be selected for each device, which is typically quite simple to complete if your TVs user manual or owner’s guide can help you out along the way.

Do I need a specific HDMI cable, or is anyone do it?

An expensive high-quality HDMI cable isn’t required to connect your soundbar with an ARC (audio return channel) port. A standard, the budget-friendly plug should suffice depending on the length of your connection and the price you’re willing to pay. However, we recommend using it with a soundbar for the best experience possible.

Is it safe to connect my TV and Soundbar via HDMI?

Yes, connecting your devices in this way is perfectly safe if done correctly. However, you should be aware that some electrical hazards are associated with improperly connected cables leading to fire or other dangers that could damage your hardware. Therefore, make sure to carefully follow the setup instructions for your devices.

How to connect soundbar to Tv without HDMI?

If you don’t have an HDMI port on your TV, there are other ways to connect a soundbar. You can do this using optical cables and even wireless connections. These options require extra equipment but may be necessary for those who want to use their soundbar with various devices which only support specific inputs or outputs such as Bluetooth technology or digital USB ports.

Other ways to connect soundbar to Tv: Optical cables, digital USB, or Bluetooth technology.

What is the HDMI ARC port?

The ARC port on your TV with the HDMI logo is an audio return channel. This allows you to route sound from its main source back through another connection, usually used for video imaging.

It’s able to do this by splitting out a single signal into two signals, which makes it possible for multiple devices in different locations to receive compatible audio. This can be incredibly useful if you want to route sound from your TV back to a Soundbar which, in turn, connects it with an external speaker.