How To Connect Speakers To PS4 - Different Ways

Its an undeniable fact that how difficult it might be to link your speakers to PS4. When people play their favourite game series, they always love to and want to have a full-fledged gaming experience.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy a decent gaming experience until the sound is correct. However, many individuals find it hard to connect speakers to their PS4 systems. 

So, how to connect speakers to PS4? It’s difficult to answer, especially if you have Bluetooth speakers. It’s also difficult for individuals to locate the optical audio cable. To resolve each problem, you must proceed one step at a time.

When people talk about PS4, the first thing that comes to mind is how great it is. There’s no doubt that every gaming enthusiast has at least once or twice used this gaming console and fallen in love with it. 

However, the only drawback we discovered with PS4 is that it lacks an audio/digital input cable. There is a big problem because no one knows how to connect the speakers. We’ll go over all of the methods for linking your PS4’s speakers to other devices in this article.

Connecting Audio Speakers To A PS4

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Connecting PS4 speakers and locating an HDMI audio extractor is neither difficult nor frightening. To achieve your goal, you need a great deal of perseverance and to follow instructions precisely.

The PlayStation 4 does not include an audio output to connect external sound devices, as the PlayStation 3 did. It may be off-putting to some people that PS4 does not offer an audio output.

However, there is no need to be concerned because there are specific methods for connecting audio equipment to a PS4. Here are a few suggestions for addressing this problem.

How To Connect Speakers To PS4 To An Audio Cable

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It’s difficult for most people to connect an audio cable to a PS4. However, it is one of the most efficient methods to accomplish all objectives. You can attach the audio cable to the PS4’s twin shockers.

The best 3.5mm connector for you is the one that fits your device properly and provides optimum performance.

Step 1: Get A 3.5 mm Cable And Put It To Use

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Connecting a most Bluetooth devices speaker or a basic speaker to a PS4 is easy with the aid of a dual shocker and a 3.5 mm cable. 3.5 mm rca audio cables are available from many local merchants. It’s a one-time expenditure, but it’s well worth it.

Step 2: Discover The Setting

You have the option to explore many alternatives by using the twin controller. When you go into the Settings menu, select the option that says “Select a device” from the drop-down menu.

Click on the device option to access the audio devices options. When you click on the audio device option, an output device alternative appears. Once you’ve reached the “headset-connected” option, you’ll notice a headset icon.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to check if this option is turned on. If you want to link speakers to your PS4, you’ll need to go through this procedure.

Step 3: Everything You Hear Is In Audio Format

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It’s critical to make sure that your audio headphones are set to all audio in your video.

The methods described above are just a few of the ways to connect a speaker to your PS4. However, removing these factors might not be effective for some individuals owing to various reasons.

People are sometimes uncertain regarding how to link speakers to a television. It’s fine if you have no idea how to connect your PS4’s speaker. Sometimes, you may have extra buttons on the controller, or the same buttons may be labelled in different ways.

It might take a while to comprehend the full method.

How To Connect A PS4 To Your TV's Speakers

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How can I connect my PS4 slim to speakers? Many individuals are looking for a balance between the two extremes. There are many people searching for a solution that will allow them to link their speakers without difficulty.

However, achieving your goal may not be easy, and you might have to follow each stage in its entirety. However, don’t be concerned, because we’ve already taken care of everything. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions for linking your PS4 slim to speakers using your TV.

Step 1: Connect The PS4 To The TV Using The Output Function

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With the second HDMI cable, HDMI cable connects the audio extractor to the TV. Connecting the audio extractor’s “Audio Out” port to the TV’s HDMI port requires this HDMI cable. Plug the audio extractor’s audio cable into your speakers. The audio cable connects the extractor’s audio output to the speakers’ audio input. 

You’re all set if you have a smart TV with an HDMI cable connection. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient method of connecting a PS4 to a speaker. The speaker output makes it simple to enjoy your gaming session.

To do this, you simply have to connect your television’s audio system to your speakers. It’s also important to remember that your TV must be on the audio output default setting rather than the TV’s built-in speaker. When you connect your PS4 to your TV this way, the sound will match with the external speakers.

Step 2: Change The Settings On Your PlayStation 4

Rather than audio in, you must connect one end of your PS4 gaming controller to the speaker audio jack. To play using two PlayStation 4 controllers, you must first turn on your PS4 device and link it to the twin controller.

On your PS4 system, go to the Settings menu and then to the Devices section. You can select the audio device settings right away by pressing X on the controller. When you’ve finished selecting the audio device settings, you may choose to reroute your PS4’s audio.

Using the AUX cable settings, link the TV’s built-in speakers with external speakers. The console’s gaming voice will synchronize with external speakers each time you connect PS4 to your television.


Most of the people have confusion about how to connect speakers to a PS4; nevertheless, this is not difficult. You may also use the audio from your TV to offer a deafening gaming experience.

If your TV speakers has good internal audio quality, experts say you don’t need to spend money on professional speakers. However, the decision is yours.

You can also connect your headphone jacks to the controller for a more personal pleasure to your gaming session. If you still want to connect your PS4 to speakers, follow the methods mentioned above.


How do I connect my PS speaker to Xbox one?

You can connect your PS speaker to Xbox one by using a digital audio output.

What do I need to connect my ps vita speakers?

You’ll need either an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth wireless connection, and you’re all set.

How do you connect ps speakers to laptops?

You can either use an auxiliary cable cord or Bluetooth wireless connection for connecting your PlayStation speaker to a laptop.

What do I need to link my PlayStation controller with the TV?

All that is required is turning on both devices and then linking them via the AUX option on the PS device.

Can an optical audio cable be used to connect the Bluetooth speaker?

 Absolutely. You can still connect the Bluetooth speaker to a TV without a smart TV using an optical cable if you do not have a smart TV. An opening in the middle of the cable features a hexagonal plastic jack. This cable can be used to connect a Bluetooth speaker, but note that PS4 slim doesn’t support Bluetooth speakers.