2 Ways How To Connect Wired Speakers To Phone With FAQ'S

Wired speaker: You can connect your wired speakers to the phone and have the audio device from the phone played via them straight. Enjoy music, podcasts, headphones jack, and other audio source through the phone’s speaker while they are being streamed to it.

Two Ways You Can Connect Your Phone To Your Wired Speakers

How To Connect Wired Speakers To Phone by speakerjournal.com
  • Connecting them directly via AUX cable
  • To convert them to wired speakers wireless and then connect to the phone

Depending on your speakers and choices available, you may utilize one of these two methods. It’s not difficult, straightforward, or inexpensive to convert a wired connection to wireless.

Connecting Them Directly Via AUX Cable

How To Connect Wired Speakers To Phone by speakerjournal.com

Using the AUX cable that is available in almost all phones to connect your wired speakers to the mobile phone is quite straightforward. It’s a 1/8″ or 3.5mm jack cable with two ends, each of which is equipped with a 1/8″ or 3.5mm jack. There are several options for pricing, and they’re all fairly inexpensive.

A separate amplifier is connected to wired speakers because they do not include an internal amplifier. Ensure that your amplifier has 3.5mm jack inputs. If you want to connect, you should be able to do so with ease.

Plug one end of the AUX cable into your phone and the other end into the amplifier. To be honest, it’s better to do this on your mobile phone rather than a TV, since the sound will come through the speaker system rather than the television.

Unless you want to go wireless for a better experience, this approach will work great for you.a

Convert Wired Speakers To Wireless

How To Connect Wired Speakers To Phone by speakerjournal.com

These days, people like wireless goods and wish to avoid cables, yet what if you have an old audio quality system that does not have wireless compatibility?

There are still a few options for converting your old speakers to wireless and then linking them to your smartphone wirelessly.

As previously stated, old sound systems did not include a speaker and amplifier in one unit, so they required their own built in amplifier. If you only want the amplifier with wireless functionality, there is a choice for you to buy just that. Old speakers may be utilized with it if you purchase only the newest amplifier with wireless capability.

You may simply connect easily an amplifier with Bluetooth-enabled wireless connectivity to your smartphone and leave it at that.

If you don’t want to replace your old amplifier, stereo, or receiver but want to convert your audio speakers to wireless, it’s possible. You’ll need a Bluetooth adapter connected to your old amplifier or stereo if you want to connect the transmitter to it.

We found that the Bluetooth Audio Adapter , priced at just $40, is one of the cheapest options. It connects to your power strip, connects your powered speakers via RCA inputs or 3.5mm inputs, and then pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled device.  

This Bluetooth adapters will function as a wireless link between your cell phones and the audio receiver. Your phone will be linked to the Bluetooth adapter, and the Bluetooth adapter will be connected to your audio receiver. Your wired speakers will be linked to your phone wirelessly via a wireless connection.

As a Bluetooth device receiver, the Echo Dot allows you to play music from your phone to your speakers. Although you can assign different Echo Dots to different rooms, these do not have the same ability to play music through voice commands as the Chromecast Audio or google home; if you simply stream from your phone, the sound will only be transmitted from one Echo Dot to another.

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Connecting wired speakers to the phone is an easy task. So, choose the method that suits your need best and enjoy music lover on your old sound system with ease!


Can I connect my wired speakers to my phone?

Yes, you can do it with ease by simply connecting via AUX cable or converting them to wireless and then linking wirelessly through a Bluetooth adapter.

It’s not difficult, straightforward, or inexpensive to convert a wired connection to wireless these days if your old speaker does not have wireless connectivity.

Do wired speakers have an amplifier?

No, they don’t include an internal amplifier as wireless speakers do, so you’ll need to use a separate external amplifier for them if your old sound system is wired and does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

If the speaker has an AUX input option on it, it’s better to connect your wired speakers via AUX cable.

Can I use the AUX cable that comes with my phone to connect the wired speakers of the TV?

Yes, you can do it easily by plugging one end into your mobile device and the other into the audio receiver or amplifier (if its AUX input option is available). You’ll need a separate amplifier for the old sound systems if wireless connectivity isn’t supported in them.

Can I connect wired speakers to my TV?

Yes, you can easily do it with the help of an AUX cable or Bluetooth adapter but make sure your speaker system has an AUX input option on them and is capable of receiving a wireless signal for easy connectivity via Bluetooth adapter (if old sound systems support this feature).

Are wired speakers better than wireless ones?

It really depends on your needs and preferences, but it’s possible to convert an old speaker system into wireless if you want to do so by using a Bluetooth adapter or AUX cable with no problems at all.

Wireless sound systems are not difficult to set up these days, though there may be some compatibility issues with old sound systems if they don’t have wireless connectivity on them.

Wireless speakers are better for ease of use and mobility, but wired ones offer excellent quality audio in comparison to wireless options, especially when it comes to bass response.

What is the best way to connect my phone to my sound system?

Connecting your Android to a stereo involves connecting two RCA male Y-cables to a 3.5 mm headphone jack on it. It splits the incoming audio signal from the Android into left and right channels with RCA plugs. Connect the 3.5 mm end to the Android’s head phone jack.  

Is it possible to charge my phone with my USB powered speakers?

A USB power adapter is perfect to power the speaker. Plug the USB end of the speaker into the USB port of the power adapter. Plug the USB power adapter into the power supply.