4 Better Options How To Extend Speaker Wire | Step-By-Step Instruction

Never thought that you’ll had the need to extend your speaker wires? But many people has been in this situation before. So don’t panic.

You are enjoying some music, or you are having a party, and your speakers just don’t seem to be loud enough. Well, we have come up with a few different ways for you to easily extend your speaker wire!

One way to extend speaker wires is by using an extension cord. Just measure out how much wire you will need and cut off the excess length.

Buy an extension cord that is the same gauge as your speaker wire. Through this way, you will not lose any power running through it and keep your sound quality at 100%.

Safety First

How To Extend Speaker Wire by speakerjournal.com

Now, our target today is to make the wires longer using regular, non-expensive tools.

We are not going to be using anything that requires wiring or installation. There is no danger in this project if you follow the steps outlined below carefully.

The first thing you need to do is switch off the breakers. Make sure you have switched off the power. You cannot be too careful when working with electricity.

How do you know that you did indeed turn off the power?

Its simple! You can use a multimeter tester!

We will show you how to use one easily at home. There are very affordable and cheap you can use easily to use: just connect the positive wire (+) and negative wire (-) terminals to the breaker, and the multimeter will signal if there’s still a current left in there. Check the wire as well.

The positive wire may have small positive (“+”) symbols and the negative wire have small negative symbols and/or wire gauge.

Disconnecting The Cables

How To Extend Speaker Wire by speakerjournal.com

It depends on your home theatre system, and the speaker will either connect laptops, TV, Computer or directly on the wall through the power strip.

You can either disconnect the cable from your speakers for each of them, or you can just unplug it on one end and leave it connected.

Be very careful when working with speakers and electrical wiring. In case of an accident, don’t touch the cables or terminals that are connected.

It is best to refer to your manual for the speakers and follow those instructions as well, or just unplug it from each end.

You can remove the wire from your speaker terminal and measure it out, but make sure you know how long both of them are.

What Shall You Need For How To Extend Speaker Wires

How To Extend Speaker Wire by speakerjournal.com

There are Some right tools for extending speaker wire.

  • Wire cutters
  • Multimeter (to check if the power has been turned off)
  • Extension cord(s)
  • Wire strippers
  • Speaker wire (if you don’t have any, just buy some from your local electronic store)

The Best Way To Wire Extension Technique:

How To Extend Speaker Wire by speakerjournal.com

Alright, there are different ways to extend your speaker wire. Let’s take a quick look at the most effective method of extending your speaker wire very easily…

1. Wire Nuts

The first way is using a wire nut. Wire nuts are one of the quickest and easiest ways to extend your speaker wire. Wire nuts are used to connect two or more wires together, and for this project, they’re going to be used to extend the speaker wire.

  • First, you should cut your wires out and strip them about an inch or two down, depending on how much wire you have from the speaker.
  • Try to keep them as even as possible, but it’s fine if they are not cut perfectly.
  • Tighten the wire nut around two wires that will be connected to extend your speaker wire.
  • Make sure you twist them in the same direction.


2. Crimping

Another way to extend your speaker wire is by using crimping. This method requires a little more work, but you will end up with the exact same results.

  • Remove the rubber coating and slide the crimp connector. Do this on both sides of the wire.
  • Next, use the crimpers to give the connectors a nice squeeze connector so that the connector’s metal tubing shuts close around one of the bare wire. Go over the wire until you are confident the “bound” is strong.
  • After attaching the crimp connectors to the positive wire and negative wire ends, gently apply a heat source to shrink the connectors. 
  • You should insert your existing speaker wire bare ends as far as the crimp connector will go into the first crimp connector. After that, insert the other end of the extension cable into the connector. The negative ends of the wires should be connected to another connector in the same way.

3. Soldering

Another best way to extend speaker wire is by soldering. This method will require a bit more skill and time, but it’s worth the effort if you want to make sure it’s done correctly and securely.

  • Twist the speaker wire so that they face upward. Use the wire cutter/crimper to peel off an inch of copper wire.
  • For the extension wire, I want you to simply twist at the front end of the wire.
  • Grab the soldering/heat gun and begin melting the two metal ends together.
  • Be careful when you go over it with your heat gun because if you hold it in one place too long, you’ll melt the cable.
  • Press the cables against the speaker terminal and solder them together. Repeats this process with all the speaker wires.

4. Tubing

Last, you can use tubing to extend the speaker wire. This method relates back to DIY projects, so it’s not bad if you don’t want to go out and buy anything.

  • Expose the positive wire and negative wire (+/- 1 inch). The tube should be sitting at the middle of the “chain” with the left and right wire sliding it into form.
  • Consider: Wire needs to touch while resting inside the tube. This might be a twist speaker wires together and use electrical tape.
  • Do arm yourself with the heat/soldering gun and use it to melt into the tube. Keep moving; it doesn’t focus on one spot for too long.


Well, there are many ways to extend your speaker wire. This little guide will show you what I believe is best for setting up a home theater system.

How To Extend Speaker Wire by speakerjournal.com


How far should I push the wire into the speaker terminal?

You want it to go in about an inch or so. This way, it’s completely connected, but you don’t want to put it in too much.

What wire should I use?

You can use different types of wire, but I recommend using stranded wire like the one you use for an extension cord.

Why would it be bad to push the wire in too far?

It’s not good to push the wire in too deep because it can damage your speaker and/or amp.

How should I connect the wire?

You can use different butt connectors, but for this guide, we will be using a simple wire nut.

How can I tell which is positive wires and negative wires?

The best way to determine the polarity would be using a voltmeter. This way, you can check the voltage to ensure that it’s correct.

Can you connect two speaker wires together?

WELL, there’s a better way to splice speaker wires. Use electrical tape to connect speaker wires. But tape wears out over time, and even the slightest tug on the wires can separate that type of connection (usually a Y).