How To Fix Blown Speakers - Methods & Tips

How To Fix Blown Speaker!

Are your speakers blown? And now you want to fix them?

How can you fix blown speaker sound at home? OR Do you want to know the reason why your speakers have blown? Do you want expert advice about fixing the blown speaker at home? 

If yes, you are in the right place.

It is not difficult to fix blown car speaker, but you should handle them with care.

How do I know if I have a blown speaker, and what does it sound like? You’ll hear it. Blowing speakers are accompanied by unpleasant buzzing or scratching sound, either on their own or roughly at the same pitch as the note being played. The speaker might not make any sound at all. Is That Will Make a Speaker Blow? Power blasting it for too long. Here it is worth mentioning that speakers are designed to work well in properly matched pairs. 

Guideline Before Fixing Blown Speaker

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1) Before you think about repairing the speaker, you should check if it is still under warranty. Because repairing or servicing the product will affect your warranty term.

2) After checking and verifying the warranty terms, now start thinking about an audio amplifier for a better quality of sound in your car speakers. As we all know, a sound system with more power amplifiers gives a better sound quality.

3) You should have the basic and advanced knowledge of soldering before starting to remove the wiring from the old speakers because you will have to re-solder them on your new speaker.

4) If you do not have enough skills or experience to handle this task, take help from an expert

Methods To Fix Blown Speaker

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1) First of all, you should unplug the speakers from their power source and then remove the wires from the old speaker.

2) Now, remove the insulation of the windings carefully because if it is not done carefully, then there are chances that your wire may be cut or damaged. After removing insulated winding, you will find a series of copper winding inside your speaker.

3) You should fix the new speakers according to your speaker model, and in the same way, you will have to wind up the wires on them. Now you are ready for the rewiring process.

4) Now, solder both of your speaker terminals together with a soldering iron; it does not matter which wire goes where as long as you apply an equal amount of solder to both the terminals.

5) Now tidy up your wiring and make it neat because you want it to look professional, clean and perfect when inspected by an expert or your friends. It is recommended that you use electrical tape only because if we try to heat any adhesive, it will stick to where you don’t want it to.

6) After making your speaker wires neat, you will have to plug them back into their source of power so that you can test your speaker system properly and fix all the problems related to blown speaker. It is also recommended that you turn on your car’s speakers stereo at a low volume level and then adjust the volume level according to your preferences and tastes.

7) If you are confident about your skills in fixing a speaker system, you can try it as an experiment for better understanding. It is also recommended that before you start experimentation on your speaker, take help from an expert first.

8) You should remember one thing clearly that you are doing this experiment at your own risk because nobody is responsible for any accident or injury.


1) If there is a ticking sound coming out from your speakers when you turn them on, there is an issue with the wire connecting to the speaker, and you will have to re-solder it again. Without a re-solder, the speaker system is not going to operate properly.

2) You can also replace your speakers if they are still under warranty because replacing them will cost you less, and it can be done quickly without any fuss.

3) If you are a beginner, take help from an expert or YouTube video tutorials for fixing blown speaker properly, and you can also take help from some online forums.

How To Fix A Blown Speaker At Home

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There’s likely a tear in the cone if you hear a buzzing noise, lack of bass or treble, or a popping sound. High volume levels and equalizer settings that boost the bass usually lead to torn cone. The Speaker cone can also be damaged by the high amplification and power output. 

1) The first thing you have to do is check your car battery if it is providing enough voltage for your speakers.

2) After checking the battery, go and remove the screws or covers of the speaker box. You can also separate your dashboard from the console panel to find the speaker unit.

3) Now disconnect all the wiring from your old speakers and attach them to your new speakers.

4) If you have an amplifier for a better quality of sound, connect it to the wiring and just turn it on.

5) Now check if any humming or whistling sound is coming from your new speakers. If they are perfect in working condition, then enjoy the music at full volume.

6) If popping or snapping sound is coming from your new speakers, you have to adjust the amplifier because it will be at its loudest. You can decrease the bass level and increase the midrange by turning a small screw on your amplifier.

7) After fixing all these things, now it is time to reassemble everything and see if your system is working fine or not.

8) If you are having any difficulty repairing your other speakers, consult an expert for assistance.

Advantages To Fix A Blown Speaker At Home

  • You can save a lot of money by fixing your speakers.
  • It’s just fun to fix something at home speaker, and it feels good when you succeed in repairing something yourself.
  • If the speaker is damaged, your musical experience will be hindered, so by fixing the blown speaker at home, you will enjoy music again at full volume.

Disadvantages To Fix A Blown Speaker At Home

  • You have to spend more time and effort fixing your speakers at home.
  • There is also a possibility of damaging the speakers further by mishandling them.
  • You can also destroy the wiring of your speakers if you are not having any experience in handling electrical wires.
  • Time and money are consuming because it is difficult to handle.
  • So, now it’s time to check the warranty conditions of your speaker system once again. Then think about buying a new set of speakers or taking help from an expert for better results.

Reasons Why Your Speakers Are Blown

1) You are playing the speaker at a very high volumes.

2) Your amplifier is not enough to power your speakers.

3) Using low-quality wiring for powering your speakers.

4) Overloading the system with bass frequencies.

5) Incorrect installation of speakers or a loose wire connection.

6) Receiver has failed and is sending a distorted signal to the speakers.

7) Speaker box has been damaged or broken.

8) Improper installation of amplifier or receiver.

9) Using low-quality components for wiring and not taking any proper care while laying them down.

10) Ageing of capacitors in your speaker system.

11) Your speakers are not matched in impedance.

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So, these were some of the tips and tricks that will help you quickly fix blown speakers at home. I hope you can now fix your speakers without any assistance from an expert or a blown car speaker mechanic.

Just remember one thing, always turn down the volume on your speaker system as loud music will damage your speaker further. If you don’t stop the loud music, your speaker will be useless to you even if you fix it. Cheers!