How To Make Speakers Louder? - For iPhone/Computer/Bluetooth/Car Speakers

Are you facing soft sound volume speakers? Here is how to make the speaker louder…

Many people nowadays are facing a problem regarding the speaker volume of their computer speakers, and its accessories.

The speakers’ volume is so soft and low that you can’t hear anything, which is not a good thing.

There may be several reasons for this problem, such as any damage in your speaker’s system or jack, dust particles collected over the years inside the speaker, improper connection with audio cable etc. 

However, there is a way to resolve this problem. You need to follow the below-mentioned procedures, which will help you make speakers louder.

How To Make a Bluetooth Speakers Louder

How To Make Speakers Louder? by

When people purchase speakers of any kind, wired or wireless, they generally get a sound quality that is not as good as it needs to be. This may result in poor audio quality and low volume output from the speakers. Therefore, following these instructions will help you make a Bluetooth speaker louder.

One way to make to play a Bluetooth speaker louder is to control the volume on your device. 

For example, if you listen to music from your iPhone, try turning up the volume or turning the speaker’s sound up on full blast. This is a quick and easy fix for making Bluetooth speakers louder, at least until you find a better solution.

Checking the room size is another way to increase the speaker sound of a small Bluetooth speaker.

For example, if you are in a room with limited space compared to larger ones, the sound cannot bounce around as much, so the limitation of space holds it back from getting louder. 

This causes low volume output and will not be able to make speakers loud sounds for sure. So try changing where you place your devices or turn up the volume.

By doing this, is an easy way to make speakers louder. This technique is often used when people engage in parties, outdoor gatherings. But it also works at home simply by plugging one speaker into your television and 2-3 others around the house. Now you have Bluetooth speakers that can be turned up louder.

The last way to make your wireless speakers, including Bluetooth ones, play louder is to move the speaker farther away from the walls in the room. This will change the quality of sound and increase volume output, allowing you to listen to better audio.

How To Make Your Car Speakers Louder?

Car speakers are generally low in volume, so they will be unable to give you enough speed. Therefore, turning up the volume or changing connections with another source will not work for sure. 

You can also use a different speaker system that is more powerful than your original from your car dealer. 

This will make your car speakers louder, and you can get better detail in the audio quality.

All the given methods have their pros and cons, but if you are facing low volume output from speakers, try changing places where you connect them to see whether it helps increase the volume.

You will need an external amplifier to make the speakers louder. This is used for solving distorted sounds that the speakers get due to their poor output volume that can be increased with an external powerful amplifier.

Change the aux cable used to connect the speaker to your device with a better quality one. This will help you make speakers louder.

You might check whether the audio jack which you are using to connect your computer accessories such as a modem, camera and so on with a speaker has any damage or not. If there is a problem, get it replaced by a new and better one. This will help you solve the low volume output from speakers.

How To Make iPhone Speakers Sound Louder

Are you looking to boost your iPhone speakers? It is easy to make your iPhone louder speakers sound louder with a few tricks. Use the following steps to sound amplify your iPhone speaker without any difficulty. 

The first step is to switch off the flashlight and then cover both the ears of the iPhone. After you need to place an ear towards the speaker and move it back and forth while creating a sound.

The second step is to, by the use of your thumb and forefingers, pinch or push with them on both sides of the speaker if it gets some light, then put a vacuum pack in between the gap and keep it for about 10 seconds after removing that vacuum and then you can hear that sound getting louder. 

Another way, A bowl, a large water glass, or anything that resembles a bowl or glass may also improve the sound of an iPhone or any other phone. When you turn on your phone, point the speaker end downwards so that the sound waves bounce off the bottom and walls of the vessel, filling the room much more effectively.  

Change Your iPhone Equalizer Settings

How To Make Speakers Louder? by

The most straightforward trick to make your music play even louder is to change the EQ settings. This means that you select a higher quality setting and experiment with various sounds to filter out unwanted sound distortions. Head to setting app>music>EQ>late night. This will boost the bass, mid, and treble.

You can select Loudness Equalization under the Enhancements tab. Turn on EQ on your iPhone.

Change the volume settings in your device to maximum.

Make sure that when you produce sound by covering both ears of the phone, they are free from any obstruction or not. To make speakers louder without any hindrance is essential. 

Turn off The Phone's Volume Limiter

There is a chance you may have set your phone’s at maximum volume. To overcome this problem, you must turn off the volume limiter option in your iPhone by following these steps; first of all, head over to settings app and then head towards general>accessibility>volume limit .then from there, uncheck the box which says “use side switch to” and then put it to off.

Cup Your Hand Around The Speaker End Of The IPhone

If you are watching a YouTube video or listening experience to music, carefully place your hand around the speaker end of the iPhone and move it back and forth while creating a sound to amplify its volume.

Simultaneously press the lock button top right-hand side of the phone and home button for about 10 seconds until you hear a click sound from your iPhone. 

Then the screen will appear bright with all the apps and media running in the background.

Turn off the vibrate on ring option on your iPhone to make speakers louder without any hindrance because all you need to do is head over to setting app>Sounds>Ringtone & vibration>vibrate on the ring, then uncheck the box which says “no” and then put it off.

1. Put The IPhone In An Empty Bowl

 This is another great hack to make your iPhone speakers louder. You have to place an empty bowl in such a way that when you put your iPhone inside of it, then take off the back cover of your phone after putting several tissues on the speaker side and keep them for about 10 seconds after removing all the tissues then you will hear the sound getting amplified without any hindrance. 

2. Turn IPhone Upside Down

This solution requires a standard solution, which is to turn your iPhone upside down. This will help you in amplifying the volume without any difficulty.

Tightly place a vacuum between your speaker and edges of a phone.

If you are facing some difficulty in amplification, then press the backside of the iPhone with the use of both hands and put it inside a vacuum cleaner bag and keep it for about 10 seconds after removing the vacuum cleaner bag that will help you in amplifying the sound without any delay.

3. The Wall Method

Another way to the louder speaker is to invert your iPhone on the wall. And angle it 45 degrees and then amplify the sound with speakers.

Cover all three holes on both sides of the speaker.

To make a speaker louder without any trouble, it is essential that you cover all three holes present on both sides of the speaker if you do so, after putting your phone upside down and keep it for about 15 seconds after removing your iPhone from the wall.

How To Make Speaker Louder In Computer

How To Make Speakers Louder? by

The audio output of your setup can be improved if you follow this procedure. You have to first of all download a software called Audacity and then open your volume control panel from windows sound recorder>properties>advanced options. On the advanced options window, find an option named “playback through main speakers” and then place it on mute or off so that new audio is played through external speakers.

1. PC/Windows Setting

if your speaker works just fine when connected to another laptop or pc, there is a good chance a problem could be in your computer speakers. If you are facing some problem in making speakers louder without any hassle, download a software called Audacity.

2. Low Volume Features

This low volume feature is a new feature in Windows, which is available only on the volume mixer. This feature can be used to control the volume of every application that outputs sound right from your computer’s master volume control panel.

If you want to enable low volume feature to follow the following steps, first of all, turn up the default system sounds, for example, playback of music, videos etc. in windows display recorder properties>advanced options and then check mark the option which says “Playback through main speakers”, after doing so click ok and move to sound mixer and right-click on the active window of volume mixer it will show a menu which is called as playback devices from there you have to select all default sounds options. 

3. Media Player Sound Level

There are cases when the volume level option is not available in windows sound recorder properties>advanced options, but it can be found on the system main page. If you want to adjust the output volume of the media player, then use the control panel named “media player” found under programs. 

How To Make Speakers Louder Using Mixer Method

How To Make Speakers Louder? by

 The procedure to amplify volume using the mixer method is very simple and not much difficult. 

You have to first of all download a software called Audacity on your laptop. Now open Audacity and give your sound a new name in arrogance. It will help you amplify the volume without any trouble.