Tips and Tricks On How To Make Subwoofer Louder Without Amplifier

How to make subwoofer louder!

Its your party night and you are facing soft sound volume? Want a loud music so you can tap your feet along the beat?

Here is how to make subwoofer louder without an amplifier…

Subwoofers are usually not meant to be loud, and that is because they can produce only low bass frequencies. Drivers in woofer systems are designed to move back and forth; however, with more amplifier power, they can often move further than the standard design limit, damaging the drivers.

How To Make Subwoofer Louder

How To Make The Subwoofer Louder by

1) You could get a subwoofer preamp. A subwoofer preamp will provide you with more power without over-driving the speakers or damaging them.

2) Use a speaker wire to connect the RCA plugs on your system together, making sure it is done correctly. This will allow for a clean connection that would not have any resistance.

3) You could get an amplifier. A regular home stereo receiver will likely not be able to drive your speakers to a level that gives them the sound you are looking for.

4) Use speaker wire. Make sure it is of high quality and run it directly from your receiver to your subwoofer system, avoiding any obstacles in the way.

5) If you are looking for a quick fix, you could get a speaker wire with an amp built-in. This is an excellent solution if you want to get your party speakers powered up now.

6) Look into getting an amplifier and subwoofer system that has two separate inputs. You can then run both of them at the same time.

7) If you have a multi-channel receiver with a preamp output, then use it for your subwoofer system by running two sets of speaker wires to the back of your speakers.

8) Speak to an audio expert and ask them what they recommend to be efficient and safe. They might even give you more tips and advice on how to make your subwoofer louder.

9)You could use an RCA Y splitter if you are looking for a quick fix. This will allow you to hook up the audio, video, and power cables from your receiver to the back of your subwoofer system. It might not be an ideal solution, but it will still provide you with decent sound!

How To Make A Subwoofer Louder Without An Amplifier

If you have a low powered receiver, then it is likely that the sound quality might not be as good as you are hoping for. You need to make sure your speakers are of adequate power and do not overload your lower-powered receiver. 

This can lead to crackling noises or poor audio quality.

1) Change out the speaker wire. Make sure that the wire in question is not damaged. If it is, then you need to buy a new one.

2) Your speakers could be too far apart, and that can factor into poor or no sound at all. Try moving your subwoofer closer to the actual speakers for better results. Or change out speaker wire going from the subwoofer to the speakers. Make sure that there is no resistance or impedance when you change out the wire.

3) Check your receiver for proper inputs and output levels. This can help to ensure better sound quality and a more efficient system in general.

4) Check to see if all of the audio components are hooked up correctly on your receiver. Make sure that your subwoofer is hooked up to the correct speaker output and so on.

5) You could get a new receiver with more power than the one you currently have installed in your home theatre system. This will ensure better sound quality, but it can also be expensive if you are not prepared for it financially.

6) Check the outside of your speakers for any visible damage. If you spot any damage on your speakers, make sure that it is taken care of before trying to increase the volume.

7) You could get a receiver with preamp outputs, allowing you to connect multiple speaker systems at once. This can help improve your sound quality and give more power to your speakers.

8) You can switch out speaker wire to ensure that each set matches the same length and gauge. This will help with any impedance problems you might be experiencing.

9) Speak to an audio expert and ask them what they recommend to be efficient and safe. They might even give you more tips and advice on how to make your speakers louder.

How To Make A Subwoofer Louder With An Amplifier

Getting an amplifier is a great way to make your subwoofer system sound louder. With amps, you can get the help of more focused power for your home audio speakers and choose from a wide range of options in terms of size and strength.

It is not that easy to make a subwoofer louder since they are explicitly designed with producing low-frequency sounds, which allow for more subtle tones and music. You can get more bass, but it is not going to be loud like the other speakers that produce mid or high-frequency sounds. However, some tricks will help you get more out of your subwoofer system, and they may not even require any extra steps.

How To Make The Subwoofer Louder by

1- Open the box of the subwoofer and take out your speaker(s). You might be able to see two terminals on the back of them; a positive and a negative.

2- Get a wire stripper, which will help you strip the insulation from the speaker wires.

3- You can now remove about ½ inch of insulation using your wire stripper on one end of each wire (positive and negative).

4- Make sure to twist until there are no loose ends. Then, you can attach your bare wire to the terminal, which is on your subwoofer box.

5- Make sure that you tighten it with a screwdriver to make a good connection.

6- Take some hot glue and put it around the wire in order to protect that part from any rust or corrosion.

7- Now, you can go ahead and connect the other end of your wire to your speaker.

8- You need to make sure that you hear a crisp, clean sound out of both speakers before turning on the amplifier.

9- Now, turn on the amp! You should be able to hear a difference in how much louder it sounds. This should be a pretty easy solution to making your subwoofer sound louder without breaking the bank.

How To Make The Subwoofer Louder In The Car?

How To Make The Subwoofer Louder by

First of all, you need to set up a subwoofer in your car and then you can try to adjust the car audio’s bass or mid-range to compensate for low frequencies. A system that has a sound equalizer can allow you more control over individual frequencies and their playback volume.

1) Ensure that your subwoofer box is sealed correctly so as not to let any sound escape from it and go to the front of your car.

2) Check that the amps and wiring are working correctly. Things like loose wires or a blown a fuse can seriously affect sound quality and make it impossible to turn up volume levels.

3) Car speakers can lose output when they get wet from rain or winter ice run-off so dry them off as best you can, then leave the car running with the heat on for a few minutes. This will help evaporate any water that’s in or around your speakers, and this might make them work again!

4) Assure to check your vehicle manual to see how high you can crank up your system without blowing a fuse. Every design is different, so this information will vary depending on where you bought your car and its model.

5) Make sure that the power wire from your audio system isn’t loose or corroded. Check all connections to see if they were installed correctly or if they are coming loose over time.

6) You may have to replace a blown a fuse or broken wire if you can’t seem to get your speakers loud enough on their own.

7) You may need a new amplifier with more power than your current one installed in your car. This will help you achieve higher volume levels and overall better sound quality while cruising down the highway.

8) Increase the bass level or use a custom equalizer setting to compensate for low frequencies. A system with good bass or mid-range can produce more sound and give it better quality.

How To Make The Subwoofer Louder by


Q. If I Have A Receiver With Multiple Preamp Outputs, Can I Simultaneously Hook Up Numerous Speaker Systems?

Yes, you can connect multiple speaker systems at once.

Q. Does Change The Length Or Gauge Of Wire Affect Impedance?

Yes, they can affect impedance if one side is different from the other and cause a mismatch, which will lower power levels to speakers.

Q. How Long Should I Leave My Car Running When Trying To Dry Off My Speakers?

It could take anywhere from a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on how wet the speakers are.

Q. My Car Audio's Bass Or Mid-Range Isn't Giving Me Any More Volume?

You may have to replace a blown a fuse or broken wire if you can’t seem to get your speakers loud enough on their own.