How To Use Alexa As a Speaker? Comprehensive Guide

Having Alexa but still looking for a speakerHere’s what you can do it.

First, you need a device that Amazon Alexa has been installed on. Many devices, such as Amazon Echo, Fire HD, and Echo dot, etc., Alexa enabled speaker.

Now open your Alexa app from the Device. You can also use the phone version of the app to control it from another Android phone or iPhone. After opening the app, you will see a home screen.

Now tap on the three lifelines in the upper left corner of your app to get more settings, then tap on the Settings option.

Then tap on the Speakers option under the main settings and then Bluetooth settings.

Now you will have access to a list of all speakers and devices currently associated with Alexa enabled device. Please tap on the Add New Speaker option; it will lead you to a speaker set to add a new device that is not already listed here.

After tapping on the Add New smart Speaker option, a popup window will open. Make sure your device is connected to the Alexa app, and it will automatically sync with that list, or else you need to enter the Device’s serial number manually and tap next until the finish button comes.

Now you are ready to go. Now ask something from Alexa just by tapping on the microphone button under the home button. It will directly take you to Alexa’s voice interface, understand your question, and send the reply back to the Device

How To Use Your Echo As A Speaker?

How To Use Alexa As a Speaker? by

If you want to use your Amazon Echo speakers as a speaker, then here’s some help for that.

First of all, make sure your phone has the Amazon Alexa app. 

You can also use the voice assistant to play music from other music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify. After getting Amazon Alexa installed on your device, open it and tap on the menu button on the top right corner of the screen.

Then tap on the Settings option.

After tapping on Settings, you will have access to different setting options, which is necessary for playing music and changing settings. Tap on the Connected Home option under the Devices section.

Now you will get access to a list of all speakers and devices currently associated with Alexa device. This list will contain speakers and instruments currently available to use or control through the Amazon Alexa device.

Why Use Alexa As A Speaker?

  1. It’s free to use as a speaker.
  2. It can control your home appliances like turning on the AC, Television etc.
  3. Using Alexa, you can play music from different sources such as Amazon Music and other streaming services apps.
  4. You don’t even need to have an Echo device; you will be able to use Alexa on other devices. 

Disadvantages Of Using Alexa As A Speaker

  1. You need to have a device with the Amazon Alexa app installed on it to use the voice assistant as a speaker.
  2.  The sound quality from the previous Echo devices is not good compared with other high-end Bluetooth speaker.
  3.  It’s not a standalone speaker, but you can connect it with regular Bluetooth speaker to enhance its sound quality.
  4.  You need to wait until Amazon releases its portable Bluetooth technology speakers if you want the best of both worlds – Alexa assistant and great speaker in a single device.

Privacy Concerns With Amazon Alexa As A Speaker

How To Use Alexa As a Speaker? by
  1. Amazon Alexa may be the most popular voice assistant for Android and iOS devices. Still, it’s also a privacy concern for some people because of its link with amazon servers, where all your data transactions will go through the e-commerce giant.
  2. If you want to use Alexa on other devices or don’t want it to send any data to Amazon servers, you need to have a dedicated Alexa speaker.
  3. Amazon has released its portable Bluetooth connection speakers with Alexa support, so there’s only one option left for people who don’t want any data leaks – get the company’s Bluetooth speaker and use them as standalone speakers or connect them with other Bluetooth device.
  4. If you don’t want Amazon to track any data, you need to turn off the voice purchasing option available in Settings under the Alexa app.
  5. Also, make sure that Location Setting under the Privacy section is turned off. It will send your location data to Amazon servers, which might be linked with your user account details.

Can I use Alexa As A Speaker Fearlessly

How To Use Alexa As a Speaker? by
  1. Yes, you can use the Amazon Alexa voice assistant as a speaker fearlessly, but before that, make sure your Device has the Amazon Alexa app installed on it; otherwise, don’t bother to take any further steps.
  2. If you want to use echo  devices like speakers, you need one of them or its portable Bluetooth speaker already available in the Amazon store.
  3.  Don’t share any personal data with Amazon servers because it can be linked to your user account details, and you might face some severe problems if the company finds anything fishy at their end.
  4.  You can always use Alexa just as a voice assistant without sharing any data to amazon servers.
  5. You need to wait for Amazon to release its portable Bluetooth speaker with Alexa support that you can use as a standalone speaker or connect it with other Bluetooth enabled devices.


Q: Why use Alexa As A Speaker?

A: If you have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your device, then it’s a free and easy way to use Alexa as a speaker.

Q: Can I Talk To Alexa Without Installing Any Software Or Apps?

A: Yes, all you need is a compatible Echo speaker, connect it to the power source and ask any question you want; Alexa will respond to your voice.

Q: Can I Use Alexa As A Speaker Without The Amazon App?

A: No, you need the Amazon Alexa app installed on your device if you use Alexa as a external speakers.