How To Weatherproof Speakers - Step-By-Step

Do you want to protect outdoor speakers from the weather and how to install speakers? Are your speakers blown out by water or sudden rain? Don’t worry. We have a solution for you right here!

I hope this article will help you with how to weatherproof speakers.

Speakers are the best companion to enjoy music. When it comes to a party, everyone wants to play music on speakers. But we have bad news for you; if it is raining or water splashes on these devices, they will not work anymore.

You can save your favourite speaker from rusting by weatherproofing them with the help of a weatherproofing kit. These kits are available in the market for a very low price, but you can also make your own DIY waterproofing speakers.

Weatherproofing your speakers is not only about protecting them from water; it will also help to protect them from dust and rust. The outdoor speaker waterproofing is important factor if your speaker is not waterproof they will not give you a good bass response in the outdoor location. Hence, that is not a good sound systems.

How To Weatherproof Speakers? by

Make Weatherproof Speakers At Home

So here is how to do this job


Make a list of all the things you will need to weatherproof speakers.

You will need-  

Weatherproofing kit or Plaster of Paris (PoP) mixer

  1. Laminate sheets for covering your speaker edges and holes
  2. 1/8″ Masonite board sheets for sides
  3. Bricks, sandbags or stones
  4. Tape measure, utility knife and pencil/pen


First of all, you need to measure the depth, width and height of your speaker. Use these measurements to cut Masonite boards for sides and top covered.


Now you have to make holes into the masonite board with a drill or utility knife so that the cords can pass through it quickly. After this step, attach two sheets with the help of screws and make holes for speakers.


Attach a weatherproofing kit to the base of your speaker as per instructions on the box. Keep in mind that you have to mix PoP well; if it is not mixed properly, no matter how many times you try, it will not work.


Now take another sheet of Masonite board and attach the weatherproofing kit to it, then attach this sheet to the top of your speakers.


After that, cover the speaker’s edges with laminate sheets using glue or double-sided tape. Now you can fill the gaps between boards with sandbags or bricks. Finally, place stones on top of weatherproofed speakers.

Different Methods Of Weatherproof Speakers

How To Weatherproof Speakers? by

1. Conformal Coating

For protection, in addition to placing the speakers, you should coat the speaker cabinet with polymer varnish. For the speaker cabinets, you should use spar varnish instead of the polyurethane polymer that you used for the speaker’s driver. You can apply a conformal coating to protect your electronics from dust and water. Conformal coating is also known as Resin Coating. It protects your electronics by creating an invisible barrier that prevents liquids and other contaminants from entering and damaging the sensitive components inside your device.

2. Potted Speakers

The best type of speaker is potted because they can resist water, rain, snow and ice.

3. Saling Your Audio

The best and easiest way to weatherproof speakers is waterproofing them by sealing audio jacks, speaker cables, power plugs etc. You can make it water-resistant if you seal every wire with a plastic bag or rubber band before connecting. It will help your device not to rust due to water seepage.

4. Plastic Case

Take a sheet of 5mm thick plastic board, cut it into parts according to speaker size. Next, attach the parts with the help of screws and put a weatherproofing kit on base.

5. Coating

You can cover your speakers from outside by using a coating spray that prevents water from entering inside them. You can also use rubber or plastic coating but make sure that you do not inhale this spray while spraying; always use a mask or gas while coating.

6. Rust Inhibitor

Numerous companies produce rust inhibitors. It is available in the market for a very low price. You can also apply this rust inhibitor to your speakers during the winter season. It protects the speaker from rain by preventing water from entering inside the speaker holes and components.

7. Weatherproof Paint

You can use weatherproof paint for coating your speakers; weatherproof paint is an outdoor coating that protects from rainwater and snow. It will prevent the channels from rust and will provide safety against UV rays. Weatherproof paints are available in spray cans or can be applied with a brush.

Benefits Of Weatherproof Speakers

  1. Weatherproof speakers survive sudden rain; are not affected by water splash.
  2. They begin to work immediately after they have dried up. 
  3. Your speakers will be protected from rusting and dust which can ruin the sound quality of your speakers in a short time.
  4. With weatherproofing, your speakers will work fine even in extreme weather. These kits can also be used to waterproof speakers their indoor speakers or outdoor speakers, amps, subs and other electronics.
  5. You just need to apply once, and it will last for a long time.

Why Are Weatherproof Speakers Necessary?

How To Weatherproof Speakers? by
  1. We know that speakers great outdoor sound system, and when they are working properly, we feel like heaven. But in a while, the weather will have its say over these devices. If you live in an area where rain is very common, your speaker will not last long because it cannot bear raindrops or complete water splash on its surface.
  2. As we all know, water and electronics do not work together because electronic components get short circuits or rust in the presence of water.
  3. Don’t worry; if you keep them inside your house, they are safe from rain, but dust is another thing that damages them. Dust particles are very tiny, and on their basis, deep holes start producing, which causes bad voice quality.
  4. Weatherproof speakers are here to save your device from dust, rust and water or rain.


Q1: How Will I Know If My Speakers Are Weatherproofed Or Not?

Ans: Just wait for rain; when it starts raining, and your speaker is working fine and produce sounds good, you can say it is 100% weatherproof.

Q2: What Are The Steps To Protect Existing Speakers?

Ans: You just need to clean them with a damp cloth and then use a weatherproofing kit or just paint the whole speaker with waterproof paint.

Q3: What Can I Do To Protect My Existing Stereo Equipment, Amps And Other Electronics?

Ans: Just apply a weatherproofing kit at the backside of your speaker or amp as per instructions on products; you just need to follow these steps and enjoy music for a long time.