What Is A 2 Way Speaker? - And How To Use It?

Do you want to find information about two way speaker? If so, then you have come to the right place as we will explain what a 2-way speaker is and how to use it, and why we use two way speaker.,

2 Way Speaker

What Is A 2 Way Speaker? by speakerjournal.com

A 2-way speaker has two types of speakers, which are the woofer and tweeter. A woofer is a speaker that helps in producing low sounds and bass sounds whereas a tweeter produces high-pitched sounds such as treble. Woofers and tweeters are combined together to make a 2-way speaker.

Speakers with 2-way and 3-way capabilities have become more affordable over time. The purpose of full-range speakers is to reproduce as much of the audible frequency range as possible using only one driver. However, 2-way speakers are better since they combine a mid-woofer to handle the bass and mid-range frequencies with a tweeter to handle the higher frequencies.  

The woofer is the primary speaker of this type, while the tweeter makes the sound cleaner and brighter. The woofer plays an important role when it comes to producing low-frequency sounds, such as bass drums and kicks; on the other hand, speakers with higher frequencies, such as the vocals, will be taken care of by the tweeter.

A 2-way speaker is also known as a coaxial speaker, which consists of one woofer and one tweeter in an enclosure so that it can share the load. Therefore, it is known that coaxial speakers are much easier to build because both speakers do not need to be handled by themselves.

Coaxial speakers are great for a varied number of applications, particularly the car audio systems where 2-way speakers are widely used because they provide outstanding sound in high and low frequencies. So it is clear that both woofers and tweeters play an equal part in producing sound using a 2-way speaker system.

 How does a speaker crossover work? Crossovers are electric devices that split an input signal to drive multiple loudspeakers within a frequency ranges. A 2-way speaker divides the sound signals between its woofer and its tweeter. There are two drivers for a three-way speaker: the low-frequency driver (subwoofer) and the midrange/high frequency range driver (tweeter). It is important to have a good quality crossover because it ensures an even signal at higher frequencies.

Parts Of 2 Way Speaker

What Is A 2 Way Speaker? by speakerjournal.com

In order to understand what a 2-way speaker is, we need to know the parts of a 2-way speaker sound system. The following are the parts of a 2-way speaker:


A woofer is also known as a driver who produces mid frequencies and low sounds in an enclosure. In some cases, you will see a magnet that is responsible for sending signals to the woofer.


A tweeter, on the other hand, is also known as a driver, which produces high-pitched sounds such as treble. A dome made of cloth, plastic or metal is placed in front of a small voice coil and magnet in order to send signals to the tweeter.

The functionality Of 2 Way Speakers

What Is A 2 Way Speaker? by speakerjournal.com

2-way speakers are divided into three broad categories that are the full range, mid-range, and high-frequency drivers.

Full Range Drivers

The full range driver is a speaker that can cover the entire audio spectrum. It includes subwoofers, woofers and midrange drivers, but they cannot play both low frequencies (bass) and high frequencies together, so it has to be separated into two drivers, which are woofer and tweeter.

Mid-Range Drivers

The mid-range driver is a speaker that can cover the midrange frequencies, as its name suggests. It cannot play bass or treble, but it can handle the midrange frequencies such as vocals and instruments.

High-Frequency Drivers

A high-frequency driver is a speaker that can handle the higher frequencies such as treble and pick up instruments such as cymbals and snares. It cannot play any of the bass frequencies, so it needs to be combined with another woofer that handles only low-frequency sounds.

Type Of Material Of 2 Way Speakers

What Is A 2 Way Speaker? by speakerjournal.com

There are several types of materials for making a speaker, such as paper, aluminium, titanium, and silk. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so they are used in accordance with their strengths. Aluminium is the most common material because it is lightweight yet strong, which makes it perfect for tweeters. However, paper is best suited for woofers.

How To Use 2 Way Speakers

1. Woofer's Use

The woofer is a speaker who is responsible for producing the bass sounds. Thus, you can use them to listen to songs that have heavy bass, such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Dubstep.

2. Tweeter's Use

A tweeter is a type of speaker which handles high frequencies, so they are best suited for listening to songs that have high-pitched sounds such as classical, pop, and jazz.

Why We Use 2 Way Speakers

1. They Offer Better Sound Quality

2-way speakers are capable of providing the clearest and cleanest superior sound quality possible. This is because they help in distancing each speaker to a specific frequency range, which allows them to produce less distortion and better quality of output. Their narrow dispersion pattern also creates tightly controlled coverage areas without any issues.

2. They Are Cheaper And Easier To Build

While it might sound quality like a complicated system, 2-way speakers are actually cheaper and easier to build as compared to other 3 or more way systems. Even though they have two drivers instead of the usual three or more, it does not mean that they cannot handle low frequencies where most 3-way systems fail.

3. They Have High-quality Components

2-way speakers utilize high-quality components as well as a crossover to ensure that it sounds smooth and accurate. This makes the system much better than other similar sound systems in terms of output quality.

How to setup crossover?

Crossovers are used for splitting the audible frequency range between different speakers. An optimal crossover setup contributes to improves the overall sound quality of your system  

4. Smaller Size Of Speakers

Due to their smaller size, they are also easier to install in tight spaces. This makes them perfect for smaller homes and cars where space is limited. The speakers are also designed to be much lighter than usual, which means they can be easily moved around or replaced when damaged.

5. Easy To Use And Maintain

Another reason why many people prefer 2-way speaker systems is because of their ease of use. They come with simple controls that allow you to switch between frequencies quickly and easily as required, which makes them perfect for daily use.

Benefits of having 2 Way Speakers

1.Way Speakers Can Be Used For A Variety Of Purposes

Having a 2-way speaker can be beneficial in many ways. They are great for your homes and businesses, and they have several different uses as well. Whether you want to listen to music or you want to host an important meeting, these speakers will do the job perfectly!

2. Way Speakers Can Be Integrated With Other Systems

There are many types of speakers available, and you can easily attach them to other systems in order to create surround sound. This will help make it easier for you to enjoy all of your favourite songs, movies, and TV shows as much as possible!

3. They Are Versatile And Affordable

Another reason why many people prefer 2-way speakers is because of their flexibility. They are available in a wide range of prices, styles, and designs, so you can easily pick the best one for your needs. Moreover, they are also very lightweight and portable, which makes them perfect for home theater systems that need to be moved around or relocated often.

4. They Are Easy To Install And Use

Since the 2-way speaker system is rather simple, it can be used in different applications without any issues. You just need to follow the instructions carefully, and you will be able to place them wherever necessary with ease. Moreover, they are easy to use as well since they only require a simple and quick setup.

2 Way Speakers Disadvantages

1. They Can Only Handle A Small Range of Frequencies

While the two speakers are very versatile, they can only handle a small range of frequencies. This means that you might not be able to enjoy a few songs because the high pitches or low bass might not be able to come through properly.

2. Since They Have Small Speakers, They Can't Handle Loud Noise

Another reason why 2 way speakers cannot handle loud noise is because of their small size. Since the low-frequency sound low-frequency is much lower than that of a high frequency sounds pitched, it can be hard for them to provide you with an accurate output in most cases.

Difference between 1 way & 2 way Speakers

What Is A 2 Way Speaker? by speakerjournal.com

1. 1-Way And 2-Way Speakers Are Different:

While they might seem similar because of their two drivers, there are a few key differences between them. One is the fact that 2-way speakers have an additional mid-range driver for lower frequencies, which makes it better sound reproduction accurate and louder sound. Along with this, they also have a dedicated crossover.

2. 1-Way Speakers Are Less Expensive:

Another reason why many people prefer 1-way speakers is because of their lower price tag. They are often much cheaper than 2 way systems, which makes them ideal for casual use. However, this does not mean that they cannot be used in more advanced setups.

3. 2-Way Speakers Are More Expensive:

One of the main reasons why people prefer 2-way speakers is because of their higher price point. These systems are often more expensive than 1-way alternatives largely due to their dedicated drivers for different frequencies and improved amplification features. While they might be a bit costly, they do offer an enhanced audio experience that you will definitely enjoy.