Affordable or Low Voltage - What Wattage Soundbar do I Need?

A tough question “What wattage soundbar do I need for myself?” Firstly, we have to understand what exactly wattage is?

Wattage is the measure of electrical power consumed by an appliance like a soundbar. Your TV set is another example of a device with wattage. And it is amusing that it takes even more watts than your soundbar.

But how many soundbar watts do you really need?

How to Choose soundbar with the Best Wattage for my needs?

If you are looking for the best wattage soundbar, this article is the right place that will help you find the best.

Considerations when Choosing a Soundbar with Wattage

The following are some of the essential features that you should consider before choosing a wattage soundbar.

Sound Quality

Overall Sound quality is an important feature with immersive sound. After all, you want to get the most out of your soundbar. A good quality soundbar wattage will deliver the best possible powerful sound, regardless of what TV or movie you are watching.

Sound Quality Considerations

First of all,  know your purpose for buying a soundbar in the first place, and then based on that need, choose a soundbar’s wattage that would suffice.

If your primary purpose in buying a soundbar is to have better louder sound for music CDs, you should go for a top-end wattage model; an affordable one would be enough.

On the other hand, if you are an avid movie watcher, someone who loves action movies and the like, it makes sense to choose a soundbar with a higher watt soundbar so that you don’t miss out on any minute details of the action.

Watts's vs DB?

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You will come across wattage and dB in soundbar specs, and you should know what they mean:

Wattage is a measure of input power consumption and not a measure of output.

Sound Pressure Level (or dB) is the measure of volume or loudness.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the watts, the louder (higher dB) the soundbar can be.

Most speaker sensitivity refers to the soundbar efficiency in converting the watt to volume(DB).

But as you would know, quality is just as important.

The following are things to consider when comparing and selecting between different soundbar wattage: 

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Type of TV

IF You have a big or small screen TV, then it makes sense to match your soundbar wattage  with the size of your TV set.

How Many Speakers do I need?

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Yes, some sound bars have as many as 5 speakers! The more the number of speakers, the better and more prosperous is the quality of sound you will get. But that would also mean higher wattage consumption. Do not go by just the number of speakers; instead, consider how powerful the sub-woofer is because that will determine how deep the bass goes.

What is the best wattage for a 2.1 channel soundbar?

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Frequency range and the number of channels that the wsoundbar offers. A 2.1 channel soundbar has a sub-woofer as well as multiple speakers which provide you better sound.

For a 2.1 two channels soundbar, you would need approximately 20 watts RMS of power input to get the best possible quality of surround sound and volume.

A 1-channel soundbar wattage is all that is needed if your TV is small in size and you are not keen on watching action movies.

You will get the best sound system if the wattage of the soundbar matches your TV screen size.

How many wattages do I need for a 3D Soundbar

Even with 3D movies, there is no reason to worry about matching up a high wattage soundbar. 20 watts would be the optimum wattage for a 3D soundbar.

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What is the best wattage for a soundbar with 4 speakers

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If you are concerned with getting the best possible quality of sound in the midrange frequencies, then you will need to select a 4-speaker soundbar.

A 4-speaker soundbar needs around 40 watts to deliver the optimum quality of audio. The wireless subwoofers is by far the most important speaker in a 4-speaker system as it adds a lot of weight to the bass.

If you have a 4-speaker soundbar, then it is best to go for 40 watts or above. And make sure the sub-woofer is in perfect sync with the main speakers.

Calculationg the speaker wattge. the total wattage rating for the s\peaker size of each speaker and the difference between the speaker then you calculate the watts. A watts increase by rear speakers and external subwoofer. In normal speakers watts refer to the amount of the power input. however, most soundbars have built-in amplifiers unless its a passive soundbars.

Sound Bar Volume and Speaker Quantity

A higher number of speakers means more volume (output). For a higher number of speakers, you need more wattage.

Some soundbars have only one speaker. If there is no external subwoofer, then the wattage is less than 20 watts.

If your objective in buying a good soundbar is to have better TV speakers audio, then it makes sense to match up the number of channels with your TV size.

A soundbar with high wattage is good

It is true that the higher wattage results in high-quality loud sound. But at a certain point, there will come an upper limit of how much wattage you would need. Sound bars with high wattages tend to be less portable than those with lower wattage and are also quite expensive.

Sound Bar Power Rating Consumption

People are really concerned about high-wattage sound bars as the utilize a lot of power input.

So if you want to select the best wattage for your needs, then match the wattage with your speaker size. This is the only way you will be able to get optimum quality of audio equipment and output volume.

For instance, if you are looking for an affordable soundbar, you should also look for one with low wattage.

A high-wattage soundbar with lots of features is excellent, but if you are not looking to use those features, then it would be better to get a lower wattage soundbar and save money on high electricity bill.