Why are My Speakers Not Working - 10 Troubleshooting Measures To Take

Its your  memorable day and your speaker went off… Now What?

Here are some reasons why your speakers stopped working but there are  quick solutions to problems/reasons.

Why are My Speakers Not Working by speakerjournal.com

Speakers Connectivity

If your speakers are not connected properly, then your speakers won’t work.

So, check whether your speakers are properly connected. If your computer uses an HDMI port to connect the audio, then make sure that the connectors from both ends are correctly engaged with each other, and there should be no space between them.

The correct way to connect your speaker to your computer or mobile is to connect the Red & White connectors to the Line-in port of your computer or mobile and the Black connector to the ground.

The only problem you’ll face with this type of connection is that there will be no sound coming from the rear speakers. The solution is to connect an additional jack cable from Line Out of your computer to the other two Line In ports of your speakers.

If you are connecting your speaker to your phone, you can use Bluetooth.

The Speaker is Switched Off

Another reason could be you have not turned the switch on. To check if the switch is on, you can watch for a small light; if the light is turned on, the speaker is switched on, else not.

However, some speakers don’t come with a built-in light and beep sound, so make sure your speaker has a light before looking for a light.

The Volume is Low, or There is No Sound At All

The following reason could be that your volume setting is too low, in which case you increase the volume and listen to see if it works. If the speakers work, you can figure out that this was the issue, but if there’s still no sound, you might be having a problem with the audio driver.

If you have checked your computer’s volume settings and speaker connections, but still there is no sound, then the problem may be that your computer is muted. To fix this, mute the computer from the taskbar or control panel and check if you can hear sound now.

The Speakers are Defective

If your computer or mobile phone is more than a year old and it’s not showing sound, we can conclude that your speaker may be faulty or broken. But before jumping to a conclusion, make sure all connections are tight and switched on and check the audio driver for any issues.

You can connect another pair of speakers to your computer or mobile phone with a jack cable to ensure that your current speaker isn’t faulty; if it doesn’t work, you should consider replacing it.

Speaker Drivers are Missing or Corrupt

Why are My Speakers Not Working by speakerjournal.com

Sometimes, if you have a sound card, the most common problem with such computers is that their drivers are corrupt and not working well enough, which results in loss of audio output through speakers.

In order to solve this problem, you first need to uninstall the sound card driver from your computer and then reinstall it again.

If after reinstalling the driver there is still no sound, then that means the drivers are missing or corrupt, which could be because of a virus. In order to fix this problem, you’ll have to scan your computer for viruses using Antivirus software.

If the problem persists then, you’ll have to reinstall your entire operating system, which will solve the problem.

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Maybe Speakers having Short Circuit Problem

I also hope you didn’t come across this problem, but in case you did, then even after all the troubleshooting things, your speakers still don’t work. Make sure that all of their wires are correctly connected and there is no short circuit. If your speaker has a short circuit, then it may be because of loose connections, bad or broken wires, too much resistance or a poor electrical connection.

The Audio Driver is Missing

Why are My Speakers Not Working by speakerjournal.com

Sometimes, if your computer’s operating system does not have the correct audio driver, then you will be unable to hear sound through your speakers; this can happen even when all other speaker components are properly connected and installed. Even after everything is connected properly, if you still don’t hear the sound, then make sure the audio driver is installed properly.

If you do not have an audio driver for your operating system, download a new one or reinstall the existing driver properly.

Speakers Require an Analog (RCA)

The Analog sound system is the oldest and most used type of audio connection. You can connect your computer, DVD, VCR and other digital devices with Analog inputs to your speakers using this cable.

First, connect one end of the Analog cable to your computer and connect the other to your speakers. If you do not have an Analog input on your speaker(s), then get a converter to make this connection properly.

Speakers are Not Connected To The Sound Card of Your Computer Properly

Your computer has a built-in sound card that processes all the sounds which are coming from your device. This sound card can be connected with the speaker through RCA/ AUX/ Headphone jack etc.…

Sometimes, the sound card might not be connected properly, resulting in no sound output from your speakers. To fix this problem, you first need to connect your computer’s headphones with your speaker and check if there is any sound coming out or not. If there’s no sound, open your operating system’s control panel where you can find the audio section, then check the audio settings and change them according to your needs.

Finally, if there is no sound output from your speakers after making all these changes, you need to replace your computer’s sound card with a new one.

Speakers Sound Settings Issue

Why are My Speakers Not Working by speakerjournal.com

Your sound settings may be things that are messed. Ensure volume levels and mute options before you do anything else. Open the control panel; you can find the audio settings there. You need to make sure that your speaker system is connected correctly and set up properly.

These tips may not work on every speaker, but they will be helpful to fix most of the common issues. You can share your feedback about this article in the comment section below. I will be happy to hear from you and help you out as much as I can! Cheers!!