Then there's the hue of the dial itself - a deep, richly saturated hue of Tyrian purple with subtle reddish undertones

Even in today's market of vibrant, diverse colorways, there are still certain dial colors that practically require a double look, and the TAG Heuer Monaco Purple Dial Limited Edition definitely falls into that category. The brand has poured an impressive amount of detail into the main surface of the dial in images that replica watches include both a heavily grained sunburst texture and a deep, gradual dégradé effect that fades to almost black at the edges of the dial.

Replica TAG Heuer claims that this color is inspired by the purple tropical patina sometimes seen on early Caliber 11 Monaco models due to its combination of metal blue color with a brass dial base, offering a thoughtful nod to the origins of the Monaco line is. That being said, most patinated examples of the Monaco that show signs of purple tend to age either to a faded shade of lavender or to a mottled approach exposing segments of the brass dial base. What this color lacks in historical accuracy, it more than makes up for in image attractiveness, and the brand wisely renders the rest of the Monaco's dial design in monochrome to avoid overemphasizing this element visually.

The chronograph sub-dials at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock are finished in black opal, which should add an extra layer of texture to the dial design on the wrist without overpowering the design. Each of the printed elements of the dial is rendered in clean, simple white, along with the central chronograph seconds hand and the (traditionally red) tips tag heuer replica of the pointed baton handset. The dial’s dégradé finish also benefits the Monaco Purple Dial Limited Edition’s 6 o’clock date window, as the darker hue near the dial edge slightly obscures the mismatched black date wheel in images.